Meta Tag Tips for SEO that you may not have heard

We all know that Meta tag is the most powerful ranking factors which can’t be avoided (title tag, description tag, keyword tag).

Here are few SEO Tips for Meta Tags for you

  • We use Meta tags not only for Google but also for users.
  • Meta tags tell search engine and users that what information is being provided by web page.
  • Meta tags are mandatory for ranking. You can’t rank your website without Meta tags.
  • Meta tag should be relevant to your web page content.
  • Don’t copy your Meta tag from other sites. Make your Meta tag unique.
  • Don’t copy your Meta tag from other inner pages.
  • Check your webmaster for meta tag issues (Check Image)

Meta Tag Issues in Webmaster

Title Meta Tag

  • Make your title attractive, catchy and appealing.
  • Google shows only 56 – 60 characters of your title tags so make it short and concise but consider 70 characters with space. Google has 500 pixels for title. If you are using capital letters than it will not show some characters because capital letters takes more pixels. Make a title which should give user some information your web page. You will have to show your website title within 56-60 characters for users. If possible don’t use capital letters.

Stop Words

  • Don’t use stop words (for, in, the, a, an, of, to, into, with etc.)  in the title because search engine don’t consider them.
  • Don’t repeat words in title tag Stop Words List.
  • Use your main targeted keywords in the beginning of your title, Google gives more priority to keywords which are in the beginning of title tag.


  • SEO Services in New York, SEO Firm in New York, SEO Agency in New York (70 Characters) Bad
  • SEO services firm New York for small & eCommerce business at low Price (70 characters) Best

Description Meta Tag

  • Google can take maximum 162 characters with space.
  • Don’t focus only on main targeted keywords but use keyword variations (Meta tags, content, url, alt tag etc.)
  • Make it unique, attractive and relevant.

Keyword Meta Tag

  • Google doesn’t consider Keyword tags for search engine ranking but some other search engines still use that so it is good to use them.
  • Don’t work for specific keywords, target all long tail keywords, main keyword’s variations & long tail keywords suggested by Google.
  • Don’t write your meta tags as your focus is only on keywords but make it user friendly, easy to and understand because Google knows if you write tags with words which are easy to understand by any user. If your meta tag is stuffed only with keywords then Google may think that you are forcing to rank special keyword so use different keyword variations in all terms.

Note: Google can show maximum 55 characters for title and 156 characters for description but Google can consider more characters than maximum limit of title and description for ranking. So you can write maximum 70 characters for title and 300+ characters for description, make sure you are taking your main keywords within 55 characters (for title) and 160 characters (for description).

Google can take description from web page content.

Google also take 160 characters from your long 300+ description depend on query (keyword).

Check research here – Length for a Description Tag is Longer Than You Think

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