Shopify Theme Customisation

Don't settle for Shopify themes that don't have everything you need for your business to grow!

Love any Shopify theme but need some customisation? No Worries. We are here to help with Shopify theme customisation. Our Shopify theme designers specialise in customising Shopify themes as per the client's requirements in non-destructive way to yield agile, responsive, and flexible sites that delight customers and foster business growth.

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    Shopify Theme Customisation

    Themes We Love To Customize

    Shopify store has hundreds of themes and many times successfully fulfills the requirements of your business. There are times when your business needs more than the themes generally offer. We’ll customize your Shopify theme as per your business needs and supercharge your store.

    • Brooklyn
    • Debut
    • Boundless
    • Minimalas
    • Spark
    • Fresh
    • Cascade
    • Story
    • Express
    • Narrative
    • Beyond
    • Foodie
    • Boost
    • Split
    • Handy

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    We have our offices in Delaware and New York. Since we provide 24 x 7 support, we have designers and developers around the world.

    Shopify theme customization involves making changes to your online store's design and functionality to better align with your brand and business needs. Maybe you have installed a free theme or paid from Shopify directory but want to give it a new look to align with your brand.
    Theme customization allows you to create a unique and branded shopping experience, improve user interface and user experience, and add specific features that cater to your business needs. It can also help you stand out in a competitive online marketplace.

    Shopify themes can be customized in various ways, including but not limited to:

    • Changing colors and fonts
    • Modifying layout and page structure
    • Adding custom features and functionalities
    • Integrating third-party apps
    • Enhancing mobile responsiveness
    • Optimizing site speed and performance

    The cost of Shopify theme customization can vary widely depending on the complexity of the changes you require. Simple customizations might start at a few hundred dollars, while extensive customizations can cost thousands. It's best to get a quote from a Shopify developer or agency based on your specific needs.

    Yes, Shopify offers a user-friendly interface that allows you to make some basic customizations. However, for more complex changes or a truly unique design, it's often best to work with a professional Shopify developer or Shopify design agency.

    The timeline for customization can vary depending on the scope of work, the theme used, and the developer's experience. Small changes may be completed in a few days, while extensive customizations could take several weeks.

    Yes, you can switch themes after customization. However, keep in mind that not all customizations will transfer seamlessly to a new theme. You may need to redo some of the custom work to fit the new theme's structure.

    Basic customization in Shopify can be done without coding skills using the theme editor. However, for more advanced changes and to ensure a professional outcome, it's recommended to work with a shopify developer who has coding expertise.

    Yes, most customizations are reversible. You can request us to revert to the theme's default settings or a previous version of your theme. 

    Yes, we offer ongoing support to address issues, updates, or further improvements after the initial customization.

    Sorry, we do not offer money-back guarantee for theme customization but we make sure that nothing goes wrong with your website and if God forbid anything goes wrong, we’ll fix it for you at no additional cost.

    Why Choose CGColors For Shopify Theme Customization

    Customized over 30 themes for our clients and made their store look unique at the same time power packed with features. Our 5 star rating clearly shows that you can trust abilities and contact for Shopify theme customization.

    • Shopify Theme Customization Experts

      Our highly experienced Shopify theme customization expert carry out all the changes you want in your Shopify theme to make it more relevant to your business. Our Shopify experts can customize any Shopify theme whether you have bought from Shopify theme store, themeforest, templatemonster or any other Shopify theme developer.

    • Theme Customization In Non Destructive Ways

      Shopify experts at CGColors are highly skilled at theme customization in non-destructive ways. The Shopify theme is customized as per client preferences, but the beauty of this is that the theme’s functionality remains intact. Clients can now update the theme whenever there are developer updates! Get the benefits of customization, without losing the benefits of functionality.

    • On Time Delivery

      We take pride in delivering the site on time, for clients. We have streamlined process of theme customization that ensure we deliver the site on time. Choose our timely delivery and end to end customization services.

    • Excellent Support

      CGColors does not stop at designing awesome Shopify stores. We also provide excellent Shopify support and maintenance that will keep your store updated all the time. You can reach us through chat, email or phone.


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