Shopify Custom Theme Development

Boundless Functionality, Limitless Growth: Experience Success With Unique Custom Shopify Stores

Our experienced Shopify web designers have designed over 100 stunning custom Shopify stores for small and medium-sized businesses. We design Shopify custom themes that not only make your online store look good on all devices, but they also increase your lead conversion rate.

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    Shopify Custom Theme Development

    Why Custom Shopify Theme Design?

    For unique functionalities and features, our Shopify custom theme design starts from scratch and builds on your distinctive business and brand. The benefits your business gets range from seamless business integration, a better connection with the targeted audience, intensive competitors’ site analysis, and information gathering to stay ahead of them and power a brand that’s one of a kind.

    Shopify Custom Theme Design Includes:

    • Unique Design to Impress Your Audience
    • Custom Graphics (Banner Images, Icons, and Buttons)
    • Search Engine-Friendly Theme
    • Responsive Theme Design Across Devices
    • Site speed Optimisation

    Recent Work

    Frequently Asked Questions

    We have our offices in Delaware and New York. Since we provide 24 x 7 support, we have designers and developers around the world.

    We would love to maintain and manage your Shopify store. We'll regularly test the checkout, add to cart, product and other website components to make sure everything is working fine.

    We provide 2 hours of graphic design/web design hours to help your website. Good part of our maintenance that we our maintenance never expires and roll over to the next month.

    Why Choose CgColors For Shopify Custom Theme Development

    Our 5-star rating for our exceptional Shopify custom theme development shows that we not only design good sites, but customer satisfaction is paramount to us. Hire us for exceptional service.

    • Tailor Made Design

      Our Shopify experts design custom Shopify themes based on your requirements and keeping your business in mind. We analyse your business industry and target audience to design a site that can leave a long-lasting impression.

    • Fully Mobile-Friendly

      We create responsive designs that work well with all screen sizes and devices without needing resizing or panning. The design prototype is developed using the information architecture of your site, and then it is sent for usability testing, where its functionality is determined.

    • Search Engine Optimisation

      We promise growth, traffic, leads, and sales with high rankings for targeted keywords. We start with competition analyses and build a content-focused marketing strategy. We rely on technology for keyword research and monitoring search engine rankings. Together with knowledge, experience, and technology, we achieve the desired results in the expected time.

    • Feature Rich Store

      We know what features a website needs, and we are also capable of adding those features to that site. Features are selected after analysing the competition and studying the business.


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