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    Android App Development

    CGColors is the leading Android app developer in New York. Our Android developers combine expertise with skills and dedication to prepare feature-rich apps. Ever since Android came into the picture in 2008, we have been at the leading edge of Android development.

    Being a global leader, the Android mobile operating system now surpasses its competition significantly. Our professional team is meeting the demand for Android development with experience and expertise.

    Whether you want an app to sell your products on the smartphone or manage your enterprise better, we help you achieve your goals just the way you want. You can better reach your target customers and achieve higher conversion rates with a simple touch.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Android App Development involves creating applications for Android devices. Considering it for your business allows you to target the vast Android user base, expand your brand's reach, and tap into the growing market of Android app users.
    We specialize in developing various Android applications, including business apps, e-commerce apps, gaming apps, utility apps, and more.
    Our Android App Development services include concept ideation, UI/UX design, native app development, testing, app deployment to the Google Play Store, and post-launch support.
    Yes, we offer cross-platform development using frameworks like React Native or Flutter, allowing you to have an app compatible with both Android and iOS devices.
    We implement rigorous testing processes to ensure your app's performance and security. Additionally, we follow industry best practices for secure coding and data protection.

    Why Choose Us for Android App Development?

    Android app development requires talent. Our team of experienced app developers hasthe tools, resources, and talent to create world-class apps. We make use of Media APIs, 3D graphics, and OpenGL plus many more to deliver challenging projects.

    • In-House Android App Developers

      Creating beautiful apps with rich features is our forte. These native apps run great on Android devices and are ready to be deployed with other platforms as well. So, go hybrid and native at the same time.

    • In-House Android App Developers

      We never outsource our work to subcontractors or freelancers. All the Android app design and development take place in-house.

    • Powerful & Scalable

      We build an Android application that can handle the load of hundreds of thousands of concurrent users. We code Android apps following the high-quality code standards to make sure the code is scalable to advance the app with new features in the future.

    • App Maintenance

      Get full support and maintenance for your app. Android apps never go obsolete provided they get the right maintenance servicing. Let our developers help you maintain your old app with code corrections.

    • Application Migration

      Want your iPhone app to migrate onto Android? Consult with our developers today to know how you can increase your presence in two of the most popular mobile operating systems on the planet.

    • Android App Upgrade

      Already have an Android app? Move to the latest Android version along with new features. We upgrade old apps with new features and provide maintenance as well.

    Our Process


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