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Google doesn’t want to disclose its exact algorithms to maintain search quality, even SEO experts don’t know the answers to some SEO questions which are hard to understand. Let’s debate some confusing SEO guidelines and tricks

1.     What is the best SEO practice?

White hat SEO – Following Google’s guidelines to rank your website high in SERP without tricking Google algorithms.

Gray Hat SEO – Following SEO guidelines provided by Google at large but applying some black hat SEO techniques to get ranking higher dramatically, lands in the category of Gray Hat Seo.

Black Hat SEO – Put simply, if you are not following Google guidelines and creating a site to get a higher search ranking without keeping user experience in mind then it’s called Black Hat SEO.

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2. Can SEO be dead in the future?

Big NO… we have heard this question many times, SEO can never be dead. SEO means “a technique to improve organic ranking in SERP” and Google will never stop or stable your ranking process so how can SEO die. Secondly, only doing link building is not SEO. SEO is a blend of content marketing, social media marketing, on-page SEO (improving website quality), mobile-friendly, popularity, branding, etc are also part of SEO.

SEO = Link Building + SEO friendly Web Design + Blogging + Social Media + Mobile Friendly +Branding or Popularity

3. Guest Blogging is banned by Google?

It is not true, Google just penalizes those guest blogs which are irrelevant and have lots of back link son bad keywords. If you want to do guest blogging then post on relevant sites only and make 1-2 links using your brand name or author name.

4. CTR is Responsible for Ranking? Can we improve our ranking by clicking on the website using different IP Addresses?

There is no proof that CTR is directly responsible for ranking but my research says CTR may improve your ranking a bit if its value is very high. Google considers user behavior as a ranking signal.

If you are trying to increase the CTR value of your site by searching your main keywords and clicking on your website using different IP Addresses is a really bad idea. CTR may influence ranking but Google is smart enough and might not fall for your trick.. Check out the experiment done by Rand Fishkin: Queries & Clicks May Influence Google’s Results

5. Does the webmaster show only do-follow links?

No, the webmaster can show nofollow links also, most of the nofollow links are quality links and social media links.

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6. Are Nofollow links responsible for ranking?

No, no-follow links are not responsible for ranking according to Google’s official statement by Matt Cutts but these can improve your visits & user engagement.  It is a very big confusing question. Google says it does not follow “Nofollow links” but it also shows high-quality Nofollow links data in the webmaster tool. This is indignation that Google may give some little ranking for high-quality links  & social media links. So this is my personal opinion that “Nofollow links may be responsible for little ranking indirectly”. Google Treats social media links as normal sites and all social media links are nofollow.

nofollow links distribution

7. Is Ranking affected by bounce rate?

No,  bounce rate is not responsible for ranking but it is bad for your business, if a site’s bounce rate is high it means user interaction & engagement is low. You can improve your bounce rate using quality web design tricks such as good site structure & hierarchy, call-to-action buttons, relevant body links, and of course QUALITY CONTENT

Below is a formula to calculate the bounce rate..

Formula for Calculate Bounce Rate

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