Infinite Scroll, Parallax Scrolling, Click to Expand, Tab Content bad for SEO?

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Infinite Scroll, Parallax Scrolling, Click to Expand, Tab Content

SEO & Web Design Tips 1: Infinite Scroll, Parallax Scrolling and Tab content are not good for SEO; Google can’t see or index full content of your site 

Infinite Scroll: In infinite scroll site when user reaches to bottom of the page than page loads again and some more content gets displayed, this happens over and over (infinitely). Many of the ecommerce websites has infinite scrolling, example of infinite scrolling

SEO Effect: Google can take only some amount of content for indexing in infinite scrolling site and probably wouldn’t be able to index the content which comes after a scroll as robots can’t perform general user beahviour, so it’s not so good web design technique for SEO purpose.

Proof & Solution: Google has given some suggestions in his webmaster blog, you can make seo friendly infinite scrolling design using pagination etc. Example here –

Parallax Scrolling: It is a web design technique mostly used for 3D effects and video game websites. It is new technique and generally using a lot and in this technique background images do scrolling in different velocity. Parallax design is a collection of layers which moves at different speed at different point.

SEO Effect: Some small business owners and ecommerce brands are using this technique to attract customers. It is seems very attractive and becoming popular among designers but it has some disadvantages.

  • High page loading time
  • Huge problem with Mobile website

So now we can say Parallax is bad for SEO and it is not Google friendly.

Proof & Solution: There are many proof to make sure the parallax scrolling is bad for SEO you can see many articles on internet but recently I talked with parallax design expert Carla Dawson and she suggested me a MOZ blog posted by her where you can see how to build SEO friendly parallax scrolling design.

SEO Friendly parallax scrolling web Design example

Click to Expand or Tab content: In this web design technique your hide content shows after clicking.

SEO Effect: Google think “click to expand” and “tab content” both are content hiding techniques so Google hates it so much but some time it can index or crawl this type of pages. This type of content may be indexed by Google.

Proof & Solution: I have not seen any exact and clear solution on the net. There is a moz community question where you can find some suggestions – Google not crawling click to expand? – Question

Our designer team Analyze and Find out a solution, I am not sure it will always work.

  • Off your browser JavaScript than see your content is showing or not, if not that means your content can’t be indexed by Google.
  • Use text browser lynx to show your content.

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