In-depth internet marketing techniques for SEO folks

SEO is dead or its loosing its value, you might be hearing this here and there but that’s not true. SEO is still very important to grow your client’s business organically. No matter how much your client is spending on PPC or paid promotions you will have to work hard on SEO to get him organic visits and customers.

SEO For Business

SEO is long term investment which may not give quick results but will give benefit to your client over the time

Try to understand how you can market your client’s business …

  • Step.1 Make a SEO Friendly website Design
  • Step.2 Create a Mobile responsive website design.
  • Step.3 Build back links regularly on quality websites
  • Step.4 Promote your brand on social media
  • Step.5 Post blog regularly and promote it on social media
  • Step.6 Be updated with SEO and Google updates

Advanced SEO Tips 2016

Now we will try to understand in-depth internet marketing with the help of above image.

Step.1 Make a SEO Friendly Website Design

Make sure your website is SEO friendly.

  • Don’t use capital letters in url.
  • Don’t use under score in url (_).
  • Domain name and URL should be short.
  • Don’t use hypothesis more than 2-3 times in url.
  • Use Country TLD Extension (.us, .au).
  • Avoid Frames.
  • Use alt tag in image with relevant keyword phrase.
  • Use Title tag in link with relevant keyword phrase.
  • Make sure your website doesn’t have any canonical issues.
  • Use hreflang Tag (Language declaration).
  • Give links in body instead footer.
  • Avoid Paid Link.
  • Use RSS feed for fast crawling.
  • Use your business location based website hosting.
  • Add xml site map, robots.txt file, RSS feed, Favicon and 404 error page.
  • You should be used proper heading tags (H1-H6, B, I, U).
  • Remove Brocken links from the website.
  • Submit your website to Google webmaster.
  • Check Keyword Density, it will be less than 2% for your target keywords.
  • Page loading time should be less than 5 second.
  • Avoid Duplicate Content in your website and blog.
  • Unique Meta Tag – Make unique Meta tags using long tail keywords.
    Title length: 60 characters max, Description Length: 156 characters max
    A. Don’t use stop words (in, the, all, for, at etc.) in title tag,
    B. Don’t repeat keywords in Meta tags
    C. Use brand name in title for gravity
    Title.1- SEO Services New York, PPC Services New York, Inbound Marketing NY (Good Title Tag)
    Title.2- SEO Services, PPC Services, Inbound Marketing Services New York (Better)
    Title.3- Brand Name: SEO Agency, PPC Management, Inbound Marketing New York (Best)
  • Relevant Domain Name – Domain name should be unique, short and relevant to your business. Awesome example – (Finance Industry)
  • Clear Call to Action – It is very important for businesses. It can improve your conversations so use call to action clearly in the website.
    Note: All points are part of SEO friendly design so make sure with your designer that your website is SEO friendly.

Step.2 Create a Mobile Responsive Design

Mobile users are increasing day by day in the world so move your business website on mobile. Responsive and mobile websites both are different. Google may give more priority for mobile website instead responsive; both are mobile friendly but Google crawlers give more priority to mobile websites ( so you can consider creating mobile website instead. It is also a Google ranking factor.

Mobile website for Google

Step.3 Build Back Links Regularly on Quality Sites

You might be thinking how to find quality websites. Any site which has great authority can give you quality backlinks. Reddit, delicious, Wikipedia, MeetUp are the good example. You can find more sites by doing some more research. To check site quality, you can use tool like MOZ tool (DA should be more than 35).

Quality Links => Niche authority sites (natural), Popular Sites, Social Media Sites

Step.4 Promote Your Brand on Social Media

Social Media is a way where you can easily target your audience and increase your brand popularity. Google also gives higher ranking to popular sites. You can join relevant and local groups on facebook, Google plus, LinkedIn and post relevant data on them. You must use social media icons in your website in attractive way. Social Media is also a part of SEO.

  • Join Groups on Google Plus, LinkedIn, Facebook (Relevant & Local your business)
  • Use social Media icons on business website
  • Avoid spamming on social media sites
  • Use brand name and logo in your post, if possible

Social Media Promotion

Step.5 Post Blog Regularly (Fresh Content)

Content is still king, Google loves fresh content, post one blog minimum in a week. Blog should be unique, attractive and minimum 1500 words are the best for blog.

Blogging Tips 2016

Step.6 Be Updated with SEO and Google Updates

Join Top blogs and communities related to SEO and Google Algorithm. Use Google products such as Google Webmaster tool, Google Plus, Google Map, Google Analytics

Example – Search Engine land, MOZ, Search Engine Watch etc. Check List – Top SEO News Sites and Blogs There is another page where you can see all popular SEO & Google updates updates – CgColors Google Plus

Some SEO News & Tips Here.. I hope you like it..

SEO Updates 2015 & Seo Trends

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