Direct Lighting Solutions

Client Overview:

Direct Lighting Solutions is a leading manufacturer and distributor of high-quality lighting fixtures for both commercial and residential use. They have been in business for over 20 years and have built a strong reputation for their innovative designs and excellent customer service.



The objectives of this project were to create a custom WordPress website for them that would allow for e-commerce functionality with a WooCommerce integration. The website needed to have a login option for wholesalers and retailers with different pricing for each group. Additionally, the website needed to be integrated with the manufacturers’ website using an API so that product information could be fetched and orders could be sent out to the manufacturers using an API.


  • Custom WordPress design for Direct Lighting Solutions
  • WooCommerce integration for e-commerce functionality
  • Login option for wholesalers and retailers
  • Different pricing for wholesalers and retailers
  • API integration with manufacturers’ website
  • Product info fetched using API
  • Orders sent to manufacturers using API


Project Overview:

The project started with a consultation with Direct Lighting Solutions to determine their specific needs and requirements for the website. From there, our team of web developers worked to design a custom WordPress website with a WooCommerce integration that would allow for e-commerce functionality. We also added a login option for wholesalers and retailers, with different pricing for each group.

To integrate with the manufacturers’ websites, we used an API to fetch product information and send out orders. This integration allowed our client to streamline its ordering process and reduce errors.



The custom WordPress website with WooCommerce, login option, and API integration was successfully delivered to Direct Lighting Solutions. The website provided an easy-to-use platform for wholesalers and retailers to order products with different pricing levels. The API integration with the manufacturers’ website allowed for product information to be fetched and orders to be sent out with ease.