Cutting Edge Gifts – Custom WooCommerce Site Development


We had the opportunity to work with Eric, who owns Cutting Edge Gifts, a corporate gifting company. Eric approached us with a specific requirement to develop a custom WooCommerce site for his company. His main goal was to have an eCommerce store that could cater to both retail and wholesale customers, with specific pricing and discount options for wholesalers.


  • Area for wholesale logins: We created a separate login area for wholesalers to access exclusive pricing and offers.
  • Different wholesaler pricing: We implemented a pricing structure that catered to different levels of wholesalers based on their purchase volume.
  • Bulk Order Discount: We integrated a discount system that provided customers with bulk discounts on large orders.
  • Automated gift scheduling for customers: We developed a feature that allowed customers to schedule gifts for future delivery dates.
  • FedEx API Integration: We integrated FedEx API to enable real-time shipping rates and tracking.


  • Create a seamless and user-friendly eCommerce platform.
  • Provide exclusive pricing and discounts for wholesalers.
  • Cater to the needs of customers by providing an automated gift-scheduling feature.

Outline of the Project:

We checked out different eCommerce platforms and found that WooCommerce would be the best bet to move forward. We customized the platform to meet the specific requirements of Eric’s corporate gifting company. Our team worked closely with Eric to ensure that the platform met his expectations and delivered on the objectives of the project.


The final eCommerce platform was a huge success, providing a seamless and user-friendly experience to customers while catering to the needs of wholesalers. The automated gift scheduling feature proved to be a popular feature among customers. The integration of FedEx API ensured that customers could track their packages in real time, which was a huge bonus. The project delivered on all its objectives and exceeded Eric’s expectations.