M2Polymer: Maximizing ROI through PPC Campaign Optimization


M2polymer is an environmental industry expert in the use of super absorbent polymers for solidification and stabilization of industrial and hazardous wastes.

They faced a challenging digital marketing landscape characterized by previous campaigns that failed to reach the right audience and lacked a scalable growth strategy. This case study details their journey of starting from scratch, implementing data-driven strategies, and ultimately achieving remarkable results.

Understanding the Product and Audience:

We began by investing time in understanding their product and identifying their target audience. We used SEMrush for keyword research, Google Audience Planner for audience selection, and Google Trends to ensure their chosen keywords were both relevant and on an upward trend.


Throughout the campaign journey, we encountered significant challenges. High Cost-Per-Click (CPC) and low conversion rates initially hindered their Return on Investment (ROI).

Actions Taken:

To address these challenges, we implemented strategic changes. We reevaluated their keyword strategy, reallocating their budget to focus on search and youtube campaigns more than performance max as it is more suited for B2C brands.

Campaign Strategy:

To address the diverse needs of their client, M² Polymer designed three distinct campaign sets:

Performance Max Campaign:

  • 25% of the budget was allocated to this experimental campaign.
  • Unfortunately, the initial attempt at a Performance Max campaign yielded minimal results, marking the lowest performance over the 30-day period.

Search Campaign:

  • The Search campaign was launched for a duration of two weeks with a carefully selected audience.
  • While the campaign garnered a healthy Click-Through Rate (CTR), conversions remained elusive, putting pressure on the team.

YouTube Campaign:

  • In the third week, M² Polymer initiated a YouTube campaign featuring a video provided by the client, featuring the client explaining their product.
  • The YouTube Campaign emerged as the most successful endeavor, achieving a positive Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) with a remarkable $50 in conversion value for every dollar spent.
  • Notably, the YouTube campaign not only exceeded expectations but also outperformed all previous efforts in terms of conversion rate and revenue.


The efforts undertaken by M² Polymer yielded impressive results. They achieved a notable reduction in CPC and a substantial increase in conversions. Their ads also became more visible to potential customers.