About Advanced Overhead Crane

Overhead Cranes | Electric Chain Hoists | Testing | 24×7 Repair Services

Advanced Overhead Cranes is a recognized name in the overhead cranes and electric chain hoists industry. Their clients rely on them for inspection, testing, and service and repair services. When cranes and hoist-related equipment take months to source from manufacturers, AOC delivers owing to their huge inventory, readily available equipment, and 24×7 overhead crane repair services. They also offer customer preventive maintenance programs and provide reconditioned equipment and parts.

Way Forward

Greater Awareness | Wider Reach | Higher Footfall on the Website

Advanced Overhead Cranes wanted to grow and generate awareness about their products and services across more areas in the USA. As the first step, they planned to strengthen their web presence, giving them a wider reach and higher footfall on their website.

Problem Statement

“How to increase the customer base and establish a stronger foothold.”

Customer’s Aspirations

The SEO Influence

In a marketing conference, the management got influenced by the power of the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) marketing strategy to attract more traffic to their website. They reached out to us in 2020 to help them expand their market share. But, they had a condition. They were not yet ready for a big spend for revamping the website.

The Challenge

Our challenge was to make the existing website SEO friendly. We had to work with the following SEO bottlenecks:

The website was built on the legacy design structure, which was not up-to-date with the latest technologies and frameworks.

The website was not mobile-friendly.

Our Approach

Turnaround the Limitations | Design a Winning Strategy

Pushing for Mobile Responsiveness

A nonresponsive website was a big impediment to implementing the SEO strategy. We, therefore, convinced the management with an assurance of a quick and economical solution. Our rich experience in handling varied projects helped us make their website mobile-friendly in just one week!

Deep Study of Customers and their Requirements

Our team had extensive meetings with the sales force and the management to understand the following aspects:

  • What are their customers’ needs and what do they look for when they search for providers of cranes, electric chains hoists, inspection and repair services, etc.?
  • Which products and services have so far sold the most?
  • What features do the customers look for?
  • What challenges does the sales force face?
  • What marketing initiatives have generated maximum leads so far?

In parallel, we did extensive market surveys and research to identify various aspects of this industry segment. We focused equally on the competitors marketing strategies.

The Roadmap

Based on the market surveys and various other findings, we designed our content marketing strategy as follows:
  • We created a list of keywords that potential customers usually use to look for cranes, electric hoist chains, repair and maintenance services, etc.
  • We thoughtfully integrated these keywords into the website content per SEO guidelines. To achieve this integration, we revamped the content with the following strategy:
    • Educational content
    • Service-focused content
    • Material-focused content

Keyword Identification

List of keywords used by potential customers

Content Redesigned

Content redone with a focus of:
  • Market and customer centricity
  • Service, inspection, and testing offerings

Search Engine Optimization of Content

Integrated keywords into redesigned content

The Outcome

Content Strategy Worked | Market Share Swelled | Competition Shrunk

As planned, the traffic to the website increased significantly, and so did the market share. As the SEO optimization strategy stressed the niche offerings, the company started receiving inquiries for service and inspection in just 1.5 months!

The educational content started doing its magic from the third month onward. We were happy that many manufacturers had created educational content about the cranes and hoists. We had to strategize better and work a little harder to get our content to rank higher than theirs. The targeted SEO keywords did this trick.

Unexpectedly, the material-focused content picked up last because the big players had aced their game with good content and paid marketing.

Traffic and Leads

To quantify the SEO success, the company has been getting 15 to 20 qualified B2B leads every month after we started doing the SEO.

Here are the numbers that speak for the project:
  • Increased the website traffic by 300%
  • Organic Bounce Rate: Decreased by 22%
  • Pages in a Session: Increased from 1.42 to 3.29
  • Mobile Device Usage: Surpassed desktop usage for the first time due to mobile optimizations
We provide free in-depth SEO consultation with our specialist. We don’t ask for long-term commitments as our successful projects and rich experience back us.

Current Status

We are currently providing SEO services and have signed an agreement to redesign the site. The web design project is going to commence soon.