Why are WordPress Sites Blocked by Google?


According to Sucuri reports Google blocked 11,000 sites over 100,000 wordpress sites cause of Malware attack. Research says RevSlider and SoakSoak are responsible for that.

Malware Attack: Hackers was able to manage your site and put their website material. Google can drop your organic ranking if your site is infected by malware attack.

60% of sites are powered by WordPress and companies are preferring wordpress platform over other because of ease of use which put website on greater risk.. WordPress design is very simple, flexible, editable and easy in implementation and you can build it in very small time using themes and plugins.

WordPress sites are insecure, is it true?

We wouldn’t say that they are insecure but they are not very secure either. As WordPress is very easy to use platform and even average computer user can create small website for themselves but it comes up with insecurity as they might end up installing any plugin which fits their requirement without researching about plugin code quality. Its possible that plugin developer didn’t take necessary safety precautions to keep hackers out.

Let’s understand why your WordPress site is insecure

WordPress is an open source platform where designer and developer can create beautiful themes and plugins to empower your wordpress site. These developers and designers gives you cost effective way of designing sites with ease but impose a threat of leaving loop hole in programming which leads Hackers to easily hack them.

This is not something they meant to do but their some sloppy work can make your site victim of hacking.

It’s important to purchase theme or plugin from well known developers and designers which take the necessary security precaution to safe guard your site from Hackers and Malware attacks

Some Points are given below which are responsible for hacking your WordPress website.

  1. Old WordPress Version: WordPress versions are updated now and then. It is done mostly to keep up with the changing technological advances in the themes, plugins and platforms. But it also includes security updates that are vital to the safety of your website against hackers. WP loopholes quickly become popular among hackers and if you don’t update your WP version, its like giving them an open invitation.
  2. Infected WordPress theme – WP themes are its blood anf life. But as much beautiful they are, they are at times infected with malware and spyware. Malware can expose your website’s credentials to hackers while spamware can cause it to point to spam links there by hurting your SEO.
  3. Infected WordPress Plugin – Plugins enhance the functionality of your wordpress website. However, if you are using free plugins, make sure you scan them before you apply them. Mostly plugins can have a hidden spamware that can collect information for email lists or point to casino or porn links. This can dent your website’s credibility.
  4. Admin Login hacked – This is a grave situation. If your admin login credentials are compromised, there’s very little you can do. There are plugins that can lock your admin files as soon as a hacker attacks other pages/files. However, if this has happened, its time to contact WP helpline and get the issue sorted out manually.
  5. SQL Injection – WP executes scripts on the server-side in PHP. So, it is vulnerable to URL insertion and SQL attacks. In this case, WP executes commands sent via URL parameters allowing them to be attacked by hackers. WP may be mislead or misinterpret the actions and trigger some unethical actions from the database. Sensitive information can be revealed very easily using these attacks.
  6. Insecure PC – It goes without saying that if the admin PC or access side has been compromised, a lot is at stake. So, make sure that a robust anti-virus program is installed that protects against attacks from the internet as well.
  7. Infected Jquery – Never paste any 3rd party scripts onto your site code without running a diagnostic. If possible, get a programmer to manually clean the code of any suspicious elements. Jquery can be infected from the jQuery Core and jQuery plugins. Attacker can upload a malicious jquery by compromising the server and this can affect multiple websites.
WordPress Design

How to secure your wordpress website for Google and SEO:

If you are designing a website in wordpress than be careful when you use plugin & Themes.

  1. Use Update wordpress version – There is more to updating WordPress than what seems on the surface. When updated, the new version promises increased security for the latest vulnerabilities, more new features and functionality plus fixes bugs.
  2. Don’t use common admin login password – This applies to your other personal credentials as well. Use a password that includes a numerical, word and symbols. Also, it is recommended that you change your password every month.
  3. Secure your PC – Invest in a good anti-virus and keep it updated. Windows PC are more likely to be infected pretty easily. But Mac are catching up. If possible, but an anti-virus suite that promise security over internet and browsers.
  4. Use HTTPS url or SSL Hosting – HTTPs and SSL hosting serves a very important purpose. They keep the sensitive information encrypted so that only the admin can have access. Sites with SSL certificates and HTTPs URL are more credible since the information stored is encrypted and more secure. Make sure you are using canonical or 301 redirect while changing your domain from http to https, it is good for SEO purpose
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