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A pre-built eCommerce platform can take the work out of online retail for small businesses, startups, or even larger enterprises. But the eCommerce platform is a massive one and there are thousands of options to shop from. From considering the stock size to the nature of products being sold, nearly every factor counts when it comes to shipping costs. Platforms need to suit product requirements. Whether you opt for self-hosted or hosted solutions, factors like the possibility of third-party integration and the payment plan play a role, when it comes to pricing and choosing the right eCommerce platform.

Shopify: Demystifying eCommerce

With over 120 hundred online customers. Shopify is the leading eCommerce platform when it comes to building your online store. Whether it’s the community support or the setup and post-set-up processes, the best plans are not always the cheapest. A Shopify web designer can work out a big picture for a startup starting out. It even works for enterprises and established players. Shopify scores over other eCommerce software solutions because it has everything you need to power growing businesses.

1. The eCommerce Platform for Small Businesses or Startups: Why Choose Shopify?

Shopify is an eCommerce platform that beats a WooCommerce, BigCommerce, or Magento development company hollow on several scores. Packed with tons of features, and software that grows with your business, it includes integration of offline sales with the POS system. Shopify also offers 24/7 customer care, through phone, email, and live sessions.

Everything You Need to Launch an Online Store

Shopify has all the attributes of a successful eCommerce platform, from easy affordability to unlimited scope whether you are looking at new designs, redesigns, site maintenance, or an upgrade. A skilled Shopify web designer and this eCommerce platform is all your, startup or small business needs to get started and win big.

Best Prices

Of all the eCommerce software platforms, Shopify offers the most reasonable packages for small businesses, starting at $29 per month. This fetches your company a custom domain, unlimited products, Shopify payment, and customer support plus a whole lot more. To access more advanced features for a growing business, you pay an equally reasonable price. Shopify Lite starts at $9 for a single month. Alongside this, there are no hidden transaction fees, even f you use the payment gateway provided by Shopify.

Easy To Use

This eCommerce software is perfect for those looking for an easy-to-use platform. Shopify enables you to launch your online store by adding products, customizing the look of the site, and setting up the domain. With zero coding skills and no tech knowledge, you can still build, edit or design the site. Choose from 100 pre-made themes, customize the menu options, or use HTML or CSS.

Comprehensive Offerings

Shopify offers all the tools needed to grow and manage eCommerce businesses from online transactions and shopping cards to social media connectivity, reporting and analytics, and mobile access plus marketing. Now, automate sales and save time. The software platform even offers its own payment gateway and offers seamless, smooth, and hassle-free online transactions. Merchant tools are also in place for running and growing online businesses such as the SEO wizard or sophisticated analytics.

Widening Customer Reach

For a small business or a startup, nothing matters more than reaching out to a wider audience. With discount codes and coupon generators and custom gift cards, Shopify sweetens the deal to enable just that. Further, social network integration, targeted email marketing, Facebook selling, product reviews, and ads make this the perfect platform to kickstart your eCommerce marketing mojo.


Small businesses looking to win big in the day and age of smartphone revolutions need mobile-first sites. Shopify Mobile for Android and iOS lets business owners run their virtual storefront from any location. Order notifications are communicated by mail or text and apps are used to fulfill orders, manage inventories, or access product prices from the comfort and convenience of your mobile device, anytime, anyplace, anywhere.

Inclusive eCommerce Software

Additionally, this inclusive eCommerce platform offers CRM, CMS, and third-party integration. From infrastructure to secure and automatic installation of upgrades, maintenance is never a problem. Shopify also automatically performs daily data backups which include product information, inventory orders, and customer data in secure servers. Confidentiality that is assured and the expertise you can trust makes Shopify the leading choice for small businesses.

Round-The-Clock Support

Shopify also has an extensive library of resources to help small businesses and startup staff zero in on problems, from an eCommerce university to a knowledge base of FAQ and discussion forums. Shopify designers certified as experts are developers and marketers who can help you to grow your customer base, engage with a wider audience and grow your online store.

As Turnkey as It Gets

Shopify offers turnkey solutions and a quick turnaround strategy. It simplifies the essential selling function, whether it comes to quickly set up or daily management. Site-wide HTTPS security is available on every plan, so Shopify scores over other platforms like Zoey. Delivering a one-stop store management solution that scores on connectivity,  Shopify has what it takes to grow your business from Facebook Store and Pinterest Buyable Pins to Shopify Shipping.

From Marketing to SEO: Leading the Way

From marketing campaigns like email and AdWords to SEO, Shopify offers quick creation, clean codes, and a search console sitemap. Canonicals are also given a wide berth thanks to their ability to locate duplicate content.

Very Own App Store

Shopify comes with so many built-in features, but it even has its own App Store. Hyper-specialized products can plugin flawlessly to Shopify’s platform, thanks to free apps like Chimpified which integrates MailChimp with Shopify.

2. When Big is Beautiful: Why Shopify Adds Value to Your Enterprise

The leading enterprise eCommerce platform for large and growing online stores. Shopify is a platform that offers customization, expertise, and affordability. At the enterprise level, agile marketing infrastructure is crucial and a Shopify designer can help you to achieve this.

Easy to Budget For

The first plus point of this enterprise eCommerce solution is the value it adds in terms of removing opportunity costs. The biggest expense for an enterprise is an opportunity cost taking away from marketing and product development. Servers, bugs, order management, file storage, bandwidth, and feature implementation are taken care of with ease.  Using Shopify Plus ensures you don’t spend additionally through load testing serves and checkout bugs. Using Shopify shifts the cost from maintenance and development to the product, marketing innovation, and experience.

Shopify starts at just $2000 per month and pricing remains constant. It is even cheaper than the hosting and fees of some platforms. It also ensures predictability of cost when it comes to hiring a developer for change implementation, feature requests, and managing bugs.

Support 24/7

Additionally, this big SaaS eCommerce platform for enterprises comes with a dedicated account manager. So from development to billing, technology to bug fixes, all are taken care of through a single dedicated resource person. Whether you need feature clarification or account support, ShopifyPlus is the way to go.

Reliable and Scalable

Web infrastructure faces new challenges at an enterprise level. Visitors run sessions consecutively and simultaneously. Having a secure, fast, and efficient experience is a must. With its proven infrastructure. Shopify offers reliability and scalability which a rapidly growing enterprise needs.

Agile Marketing

Gathering feedback efficiently can be hard if you have an audience spanning different segments and demographics. Here to make it faster, and easier, ShopifyPlus offers quick implementation without developer help and sophisticated predictive analytics. CRO, ORM, SEO, SMO, SEM, SERP– on all these aspects, ShopifyPlus simply scored over others. This is because this eCommerce platform was built keeping marketers in mind.

Front End Changes Easy

Through its internal language Liquid for web development, front-end changes at the store level are simply a matter of tweaking a few codes here and there.  With robust API integration and extensions and built-in integration, there’s even an App store ecosystem to make the job easier.

Shopify: A Global eCommerce Platform

The biggest advantage of using Shopify Plus is international deployment. For a large and growing business, nothing is more natural than expanding to other territories. Here to make the task of moving your site just as easily as your business, Shopify Plus has built-in tools that enable the use of multiple currencies, language, and Geo-targeting options.

Using Shopify’s hosted eCommerce platform your business acquires the ability to grow effortlessly. It provides business owners across the industry with a solid, flexible store builder that boosts sales and conversion. With a large and diverse app store, flexibility is one of Shopify’s biggest strengths. Going beyond eCommerce, it offers a platform to set up a stellar virtual store as well as access tools that make your business a big success.

3. Who’s the Fairest of Them All?

Why does Shopify score over others like WooCommerce and Magento? Quite simply because it is the easiest to use and implement. Customers look for quick, easy navigation, personalization, mobile and cross channel experience, 24/7 customer care, and convenience. So should your business. Shopify remains the most widely known and popular eCommerce solution in the present age for a reason. It offers a range of advantages such as support for multiple languages, shipping rates, automatic taxation, and more. Cut down on cart abandonment rates by providing support for checkout recovery using Shopify’s easy-to-implement email solutions. For taking your first step into the eCommerce industry, Shopify brings on the firepower you need to retain and acquire customers.

While offers endless potential for customizing, it is harder for those who lack advanced coding language or expertise. As a startup or a small business, specialists are costly and likely to bust the budget. Therefore, Magento’s main strength also becomes its biggest flaw. With a steep learning curve, despite being an OSS, it needs coding and interface knowledge and investment of time as well. It is at best, suited for only those companies that have technical expertise.

WooCommerce, on the other hand, is designed to only add eCommerce capabilities to existing WP sites. This makes it limited in scope because the magic stops at WordPress sites alone.  There are no built-in themes either. Dependent on WP, the cost of hosting a WooCommerce platform can go up, which is a major downside for small businesses and startups that may be bootstrapped.

BigCommerce is another popular eCommerce option, but it lacks the wide variety of templates and integrations that Shopify offers. Shopify’s Lite plan is cheaper than BigCommerce too, so price-wise, you can make a better savings by opting for the former.

Shopify is an award-winning eCommerce platform. It has won the Best eCommerce Software Award for 2016 and comes with tools and handy features that enable eCommerce sites to operate, build, and sell the products in person. Build a site in days…just pick a template and you’re ready!

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