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Designing a housekeeping website seems a very challenging task but it can go down well if you know the dos and don’ts. An excellent housekeeping website is should contain stunning images, graphics, and texts to captivate the customers. It is essential to be very careful when designing, as one or two mistakes can spoil it. Here are some important things to take note of.

  1. Make a website structure and hierarchy
  2. Create separate pages for every service
  3. Take care of branding and user trust
  4. Post blog weekly
  5. Target only local audience
  6. Submit your site to local directories only
  7. Get a business license and certifications

1. Make a Website Structure and Hierarchy

Website structure is arguably the most important part of a housekeeping website. Immediately a customer lands on the home page, or any of the product pages, it is important that your website structure should immediately lead him to the next option.

It is also relevant to define the structure of your site, whether HTML or CSS.

housekeeping website conversion optimization

2. Create a separate page for every service

It is also very germane to create a separate page for every service. Having a separate page for every service gives you an opportunity to cover all the aspects of an individual service without the pressure of covering all on a single page where the user might not get the complete information about the service, they are interested in. Also, you will be able to target more single service-focused keywords on that page.

housekeeping website user experience optimization

3. Take care of branding & User Trust

You should also ensure to take adequate care of your branding & User Trust

a). Add certificates

Adding certificates to your housekeeping will keep you, your customers and your site protected. These Digital certificates have immense benefits as your visitors to your site will then be able to read them. These Certificates are usually obtained from trusted third parties known as Certificate Authorities.

Increase user trust by adding certificates

b). Add client’s feedback or testimonials

It is important to include a slot for clients’ feedback or testimonials. This would allow intended customers to trust the products better.

Increase user trust by adding testimonials

c). Add security seal & terms-condition page

A Security seal is very significant and a page for the terms and conditions. There should be a box where the visitors can click to agree or disagree with the terms and conditions.

d). Add Yelp, Google, and Facebook reviews to the website

Adding Yelp, Google and Facebook reviews is also very relevant. These reviews tend to woo more visitors to the website.

Increase user trust by adding reviews

4. Post a blog weekly and promote it on Social Media

Posting blogs weekly and promoting social media is a sure way to attract traffic to the website. Join relevant groups and social media and share the blogs about your services.

5. Target local audience

Social Media, Pay-per-click, and Search Engine Optimization should be used to target a local audience. Find people/businesses on social media who are near to you or you can provide service to them. Start the friendly conversation, meet them on weekends in the meetup, and introduce yourself and your business without being anover-enthusiastic sales person.

As your local you know what exactly people might search for the service or keyword + location, give those input to your PPC management company or PPC expert.

Ask your SEO expert to target the locals as this will make their job easy and you will have better ROI. Get on the phone with local magazines, friends, and family who have their blogs and ask a favor if they can write a small blog about how good your services are or just mention your business anywhere in their blog.

6. Submit your website to local directory sites like Yelp, Yellow pages Google map, local.com, etc.

Submitting your website to Local Directory sites like Yelp, Yellow pages, and Google Maps, Local.com can be of immense help.

Increase local visits

7. Before starting marketing your website design

SEO, PPC, and SMO would be much more fruitful if you don’t have an impressive website. So, it’s always recommended to have a mobile-friendly website before jumping into SEO, PPC, and SMO. CGColors can help you big as we are the leader in  housekeeping website design.

8. Add user benefits above the fold

Adding user benefits above the fold is very important while designing a housekeeping website as many people leave the site before scrolling down so always show them key benefits above the fold and grab their attention.

9. Prefer relevant domain name and fast hosting

A domain name that is relevant to the business is always preferred as it gives you a better chance to rank in search results as you possibly be competing with companies like Yelp, Angie’s List, and Home advisor.

www.xyzcarpetcleaning.com   (Here XYZ is your brand name)

You can add your city or service area name in your domain name like www.evercleannorthwestseattle.com (Ever clear is the brand name northwest, Seattle is a target location)

Also, hosting should be done fast to ensure efficiency. (We are writing another blog post about how to use optimize Yelp, Angie’s List,and home advisorprofiles – Subscribe to our blog now)

10. Get a mobile-friendly website

Page load time is very critical for your housekeeping business as many people are going mobile to find local housekeeping services providers as mobile results are heavily focused on local searches. So, it’s very important to have a mobile-friendly website.

11. Content should be unique and interesting

Content should be Unique as nobody wants to read the same thing over and over. Your content should keep users interested in your service and give a complete overview of you and your service, why are you good at your work and what makes you different from your competitors.

Having a housekeeping website would help boost your housekeeping business, but this is only possible if you do it the right way. These blog topics would serve as a guideline to help ensure you achieve the most out of it.

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