Ultimate guide to pick best shopify website maintenance plan

Merely setting up your Shopify store is just the beginning; ongoing shopify maintenance is the real secret sauce. It’s tempting to view a website as a ‘set-it-and-forget-it’ deal, but reality kicks in as your business grows.

Juggling store management and marketing demands time and expertise. Doing it solo can quickly overwhelm you, diverting focus from the core priorities: attracting more customers, promoting at events, and growing your business. It’s like trying to wear too many hats at once, losing sight of what truly drives your success.

Does shopify really need maintenance?

Shopify platform is pretty robust and doesn’t need maintenance from your end. Shopify’s dedicated internal team consistently maintains the platform, delivering regular updates, introducing innovative features, and ensuring its stability.

Moreover, Shopify extends support to its merchants, although their assistance primarily revolves around recommending suitable applications tailored to specific needs.

Why do you need shopify maintenance service?

  • Optimal Performance: Regular maintenance ensures your store runs smoothly. Shopify maintenance service plans include updating shopify apps, themes, and Shopify itself help prevent glitches and ensure compatibility.
  • Security: Continuous monitoring and updates protect your store from vulnerabilities. Cyber threats evolve, and regular maintenance helps safeguard customer data and your business.
  • Improved User Experience: Professional Shopify maintenance service helps adding new content, updating product information, and enhancing design elements to keep customers engaged and satisfied.
  • SEO and Visibility: Consistent updates and improvements help in SEO. Shopfiy maintenance experts can help you to create fresh content regularly, update keywords, and improve site speed.
  • Functionality and Innovation: Regular maintenance allows for the integration of new features and technologies, keeping your store competitive and aligned with the latest trends.
  • Peace of Mind: Having a dedicated shopify maintenance team means you can focus on growing your business while experts handle the technical aspects, providing peace of mind and saving time.

How much is Shopify website maintenance cost per month in 2024

Shopify maintenance plan cost depends on various factors such as:

  • How much help do you need managing your store and promoting your business?
  • Do you need someone local or ready to take help from someone far away?
  • Do you want to hire a freelancer or an agency to provide shopify maintenance service?
  • Do you want to try agencies with unlimited shopify maintenance plans ?

Answers to above questions can change the pricing by a lot.

If you just need someone to help installing and configuring the apps and some help with graphic design, also need someone in the states then it may cost between $200- $300 per month.

But if you need help with digital marketing along with store management and new functionality building, you will have to pay somewhere between $800- $1500 or more in some cases based on how many hours shopify experts will have to spend on the project.

There are agencies like us that provide unlimited shopify store maintenance service where you can take the help from Shopify experts, digital marketing specialists, graphic designers, and products.

What your Shopify store maintenance plan should include?

  • Graphic design support

    Your shopify plan must include graphic design support where you can request for banner designs, social media graphic design, button designs, new page design, product labels design and more

  • Shopify help

    Shopify maintenance service must include Shopify store upkeep, apps installation and configuration, bug fixes, new feature development

  • Digital marketing help

    Usually shopify agencies do not provide digital marketing service within the maintenance plan as it takes so much time in creating the strategy and executing it without a clear way of evaluating the impact of the task and it is hard to guess the timeline for the task. If your shopify maintenance plan includes digital marketing then they must help you setting your campaign on google, facebook, instagram and tiktok.

How do I maintain a shopify website on my own?

Not have a budget or planning to hire a shopify website maintenance plan let’s dive in what you should do to maintain your store yourself

  1. Install store backup app – There are multiple apps that can take the backup of your store automatically on a daily basis. You must install the app to take the backup of your site so if anything goes wrong with the store, you will be able to bring it back to the older version.
  2. Use Canva – Learn how to use canva so you can create great graphics for your store, social media campaigns, ads, product labels and more. If you don’t know how to use it you can learn so much from Google.
  3. Stay active in shopify communities – You can learn so much from Shopify communities and check what other people are doing to improve their stores and promoting their products
  4. Google Ads and Social Media Ads – Running google and social media ads will certainly a uphill battle and we would recommend hiring an expert to handle for you but if you read the following blog post

    Google Ads:

    • Neil Patel: Known for comprehensive digital marketing insights, Neil Patel’s blog covers Google Ads strategies and updates.
    • KlientBoost: Offers detailed, actionable insights and guides on optimizing Google Ads campaigns.
    • AdEspresso by Hootsuite: Focuses on paid advertising, including Google Ads, providing in-depth analysis and tips.
    • Clix Marketing Blog: Offers advanced strategies and insights into Google Ads, particularly beneficial for intermediate to advanced advertisers.
    • Optmyzr Blog: Provides actionable tips and strategies for Google Ads optimization, including scripts and tools to enhance campaigns.
    • ZATO Marketing Blog: Covers advanced topics and strategies for Google Ads, including in-depth articles on specific features and tactics.

    Social Media Ads:

    • Adweek: Covers a wide range of advertising-related news and insights, including social media advertising trends and case studies.
    • The Social Media Hat: Offers resources on various aspects of social media marketing, including advertising best practices.
    • Social Media Today: Features articles, guides, and case studies related to social media advertising trends and strategies.
    • DigitalMarketer: Provides in-depth training and resources on digital marketing, including social media advertising tactics.
    • Jon Loomer Digital: Specializes in Facebook and Instagram advertising, offering detailed strategies and insights for effective campaigns.
    • Buffer Social Blog: Covers social media marketing extensively, including tips and guides on running successful ad campaigns across different platforms.
  5. Contact Shopify Support and App Support Team – Whenever you need help regarding the shopify store, shopify support can guide you or point you in a direction to get help. If your installed app is not working or not able to figure out how to install and configure it properly.

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