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There are multifarious factors that can count your Magento store‘s great performance. And the preliminary step to assure that is by hiring an adept Magento developer. Demanding an advanced level of coding in a heavy framework, finding one person with intrinsic coding skills could be tricky. Here in this write-up, we shall enable a transparent approach for you to know the person you are hiring who can meet your online business with success:

Whether you hire an agency or a freelancer, a few things that you must delve into before hiring are:

1. Level of experience: Bringing in an incredible level of flexibility and customization features, your Magento store also has immense complexities in its integration. To hire a person who can comprehend your Magento store in and out, he/ she needs to have a firm grounding in HTML, XHTML,CSS Ajax, PHP, MySQL, and Javascript.

2. Meet your business relevance: Your Magento developer must be good enough to understand your business and the kind of customers you serve in your business. Once that is set, your developer can invariably develop the most relevant online platform for your business.

3. Persistent support: Persistence is essential for any development work. Whether it is for meeting the submission deadline or for any technical assistance to leverage your online business’s performance. Simply say, your Magento developer must be accessible and flexible to work schedules and deliver work on time.

4. Use the newest version and features: Let’s face it. Your rivals in E-commerce are growing. And to keep up the standards high, it is imperative that your developers integrate the newest versions in your Magento store. With these dynamic features, you can remain assured that your business will have a boosted sales performance.

5. Fast delivery: Lastly one of the most important factors for hiring a Magento developer is his ability to speed up and deliver work. Your online business needs to be flexible with time and availability, hence a slow development work can make you lose out on potential customers.

With that said, we hope our five tips have enlightened you to identify the right developer for your Magento store. As a Magento Development Company, CG Colors brings to you a multitude of solutions to build an awesome Magento platform for your business.

Here’s a brief look at our  Magento Development services:

  1. Store development and customization
  2. Multitudinous themes/designs creation
  3. Integration of payment gateway
  4. Creating extensions
  5. Integration of modules
  6. Development of Shopping cart
  7. Instilling diverse plugins to leverage your store’s functionality.

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