Top 5 WordPress Ecommerce Plugins

For a budding ecommerce entrepreneur selecting the right shopping cart for their WordPress site can be more than a nerve racking experience. The right combination of plugins will not only facilitate the ecommerce operations but will also help you expand your ecommerce business drastically. We have noted down some of the best plugins of 2015 to help you to pick up the ones that suit your requirements.

Woocommerce Plugin

Woocommerce is a top class plugin that offers a wide range of online shopping features like discount coupons, shipment tracking, product reviews, invoice generation, payment gateways, email management, and many more for ecommerce websites. Coming from the house of WooThemes this ecommerce plugin is loaded with features that will make your online store garner attention within no time.


  • A strong and intuitive design that is both efficient and robust.
  • Smart dashboard that gives quick snapshot of inventory levels.
  • Monitor sales statistics in minute detail from reports section.
  • Diverse payment methods including cash on delivery, PayPal payments, flat rate shipping and similar modes that an online store would require.
  • Payment integration with world class payment processors like PayPal Standard, Amazon Payments, Google Checkout and FirstData.
  • Email integration with MailChimp, Aweber, Campaign Monitor, GetResponse, etc.
  • Quick and convenient logistic management with FedEx, USPS, FreshBooks, etc.
  • Unique ecommerce features like time based order management, CSV import of product specs, watermarking of images, customer support forums, etc.
  • Top of the class shopping features like coupons and discounts, product reviews, shipment tracking, etc.

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Cart66 Lite Plugin

Amidst the many offerings of ecommerce solutions, Cart66 is the only one that will make your website PCI compliant. Cart66 is perhaps one of the ecommerce plugins that gives greater impetus to online security. If you are someone who needs security extra security from the sharks of phishing, this is the plugin just for you.


  • Offers a unique way of sending mails through SMTP server that prevents mails from being flagged as spam through MailChimp, Constant Contact, Aweber, etc.
  • All relevant and necessary shopping plugins like shipment tracking, invoice management, discount coupons, etc. under one roof.
  • Options facilitating third party product submissions, vendor additions, etc.
  • Option to switch between 50+ credit card payment gateways effortlessly.
  • Fully secured storage of customer and billing data with PCI compliance. Option to include product reviews by customers with signed up profiles.
  • Facility to provide and track manual purchases.
  • Cross comparison with related products or similar products of the same category.

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WordPress Design

EShop Plugin

eShop comes with a comprehensive package of options and tools that every online store is in dire need for. It offers a stack of options that will make shopping at your online store a pleasant experience for your customers.


  • Options for customers to create user profiles and sign in.
  • Email prompt for product reviews to customers who completed purchases.
  • Download sale reports and other business statistics easily.
  • Efficient stock control options including facility to send stock out message.
  • Manage sales tax effortlessly.
  • Configurable e-mail templates as well as mail confirmation on successful purchase.
  • Quick summary of previous orders.

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Jigoshop WordPress E-Commerce Plugin

Jigoshop is the ecommerce plugin you need to get to set up an ecommerce website in a swift. The team at Jigoshop is comprised of people with both experience and expertise in building some of the high end ecommerce solutions present today.


  • Effortless stock management through setting up stock levels.
  • Have a peek into business performance real-time through sales graphs and reports.
  • Scale your online store to further heights with quick addition of more products.
  • Niche features like address validation, importing product specs in CSV, rewards or loyalty system and setting up customer forums.
  • Option to set up various payment gateways, shipping methods and email integration.
  • Address validation of customers for better delivery systems.
  • Image watermarking.
  • Points or reward or loyalty systems for repeated sales.

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WP E-Commerce Plugin

Established in 2006, WP e-commerce has been doing the right things that made the business of online entrepreneurs blissful as it could be. The WP e-commerce plugin is one of the top plugins available today that offers a multitude of options for setting up an online store.


  • Option to create plugin using HTML or customization.
  • Incorporate a multitude of WordPress plugins on the go.
  • Built-in smart tools for marketing and order management.
  • Additional modules to expand online store and to integrate with WordPress multisite.
  • Enhanced security with SSL enabled check out options.
  • Better invoice management and shipping tracking with Fastbooks, QuickBooks, FedEx shipping costs, etc.

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