Top 5 Reasons Product Labels Can help In Increasing Engagement for your Shopify Store

Product labels could bring a lot of improvement for the sales of Shopify stores. Product labels are one of the most powerful visual elements that you can add to your Shopify store to increase conversions. They allow you to capture the shoppers’ interest instantly and without being intrusive.

When these labels are used correctly, they can make the shoppers stop scrolling and click through the products that they would want to buy.

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What exactly Product Labels are?

Product labels are ‘visual stickers’ that are added to the online products to call attention to special offers and information about the product.

With the help of these product labels, you can let your shoppers on your Shopify store know what’s selling or what would they love, what’s on sale and more.

Why are Product Labels important?

Since product labels are highly visible over the product images. Shoppers who would browse your products would see these labels and stop scrolling in order to learn more about the product, ensuring that they do not miss out on a product that they might be interested in.

Stores that use product labels have a 150% increase in engagement rates and a 15% increase in conversion rate.

With the help of labels, you can indicate why shoppers should click on a specific product. Whether it is to let shoppers know of a product’s scarcity or to drive urgency to buy a product. Product labels are one of the most perfect ways to inform shoppers about the product.

Let us look at the benefits of using Product Labels for your Shopify store

1. Build reliability for your products by highlighting their unique features

With the help of a product label, you can inform your shoppers about why a product is unique or trusted by other customers, without having to explain it in length.

Labels that display a promise, such as ‘Certified Organic’ or a quality assurance certificate are called trust labels. They build trust in the minds of your shoppers so they know they can safely shop from you.

Therefore, product labels can help you build trust and reliability in your brand.

2. Captures short attention spans

Online shoppers have a lot of options making them get distracted easily and leading your conversion rates to fall down.

This is where product labels come into the picture- they instantly capture your shoppers’ attention. With clear call-out texts on images, it breaks the usual monotony and engages the audience.

Thus, more engagement leads to more sales.

3. Gives a quick idea of what you are promoting

Do you remember how satisfactory it is when you see something and instantly understand the idea behind it? This is exactly what your customers want and will get through product labels.

These product labels use a clear call-out text that immediately gives context to the shoppers. If a shopper is looking at a buy one get one deal the product label clearly says ‘BOGO.’ They can browse throughout the rest of the product category to see other products labeled with BOGO to add to their cart.

This immediate context helps shoppers find products easily and gets you more sales.

4. Pokes shoppers to make a purchase decision faster

Let us take an example of a shopper who is in an apparel store. She sees a black dress that she likes and immediately such thoughts pop up in her mind-

“let’s think of buying it when it’s in a sale”, “let me see if I can find the same dress at a lower price in the competitor’s store”, or “maybe I can come back later and buy it”.

And we all know the “come back and buy later” factor rarely happens, which causes you to lose sales even on good products. It’s pretty much sad, isn’t it?

With the help of product labels, you can go ahead and create a sense of urgency around your products and poke your indecisive shoppers to quickly make a purchase decision. Product labels like “Buy Now Goes Fast” does the trick perfectly or you can also use “Deal Of The Day”

5. Clearly highlights what products are on sale/discount

Shoppers love sales and there is no doubt about it whatsoever! And it’s proven that people buy more products on sale compared to other products.

All you need to do is bring the sale to your shopper’s attention. For this, you can either run targeted ads leading to specific product pages or create a new page to display all the items on sale.

But what if you can do this in minutes? Without all the hassle! With product labels, you can exactly do this. All you need to do is add an ‘on sale’, ‘clearance sale’, or ‘on discount’ product label – and those products will instantly capture attention on any page of your Shopify store.

Well, it will certainly catch mine.

Product labels have proven to help merchants increase the average time spent by shoppers in the store. By enabling eye-catching product labels with smart copy, you can successfully engage shoppers better and increase sales.

Do you need product labels?

If you would ask us, the answer is YES.

The attention span of internet users is dropping by the day. But the competition for attention, especially in the eCommerce industry, is increasing every single day!

You need to find a way to not just ensure great products, but also an engaging shopping experience to consumers. It’s your way of making an impression, giving shoppers something to look forward to and helping them make an informed purchase, faster. And product labels help you do exactly that!

Ready to boost customer engagement and sales with conversion product labels?

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