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There could be millions of templates but the fact that they’re available to and also used by hundreds and thousands of web designers casts a shadow of doubt on each template. Simply put, a template can never be unique even when it is customized to some extent. It is only with custom designing after discussing needs with clients that a web designer can produce a unique design. Custom web designing is still popular and its popularity rating is increasing day by day.

Here’re 5 reasons why custom web design is popular

1. Importance of Design

Every business is unique. No two businesses even if they are competitors could be equal. Using a template is like copying a design that could have been used hundreds of times before you. You can’t make a unique website with a template. It will be called a template-based site and not a custom web design. Template design will provide ready to use a structure where you can fit the content. It could be good for sites that aren’t serious in their approach but not good for a website that means serious business.

The custom design site has everything planned and also the design can be altered to include more features and the content. But templates provide little freedom for alteration. They’re fixed and they remain fixed. The best thing you can do to change the visual appearance template-based site is to change the template.

Some designers give stupid reasons like website owners poking their noses in the design work and guiding designers on how to design their sites using templates. Let me conclude the discussion with the fact that the job web designers is to design websites according to the needs of website owners. A custom design is developed after understanding the needs of the site owner. It is for the designers to understand needs and create the website of the design owners are dreaming of.

2. Visitors Care about Custom Design

An Internet user can tell which site is custom designed and which one is template based as he visits many sites while browsing through Internet pages. They can see the difference between a custom design and a template. While the former is unique, the latter looks copied. Template-based sites look similar and fail to attract visitors. But custom designs look unique and remain eye-catchy forever.

The custom theme design is easy to recognize and for this reason, it has a lasting impression on the visitors. You can welcome your visitors with a custom design matching your business. Or it will be more appropriate to say that you can visitors the treatment they expect from your site. The custom design could work as your business logo. Targeted customers can easily find and recognize your site from its custom design. But it is difficult to recognize a template-based site as it looks similar to its competitors.

3. Struggle with Themes or Templates

Template designers haven’t come out with the box designs. There has been no major breakthrough in template designs for a long time and whatever small design changes were introduced in the last decade are of little importance for today’s competitive web market. But the biggest challenge with template design is customization. Customizing box design is a headache as it sucks time and labor. Also, the template design provides limited freedom for alteration.

Changing a template is more challenging than creating a custom design and you could end up making a less popular theme. Even serious theme designers can’t make a significant difference to a template design. The design remains a template from the heart even after serious customization. On the other hand, custom design wears a unique look. Another advantage of custom design is its functionality. It can have as many features as you want but a template design provides limited functionality.

4. With Custom Theme You Can Sell More

Custom design is produced keeping the needs of business and expectations of targeted visitors in mind. It supports the activities of users and sells more by keeping the visitors engaged for a long time. You can produce a great design after auditing customer websites and analyzing the competition. You can discuss your design with your experienced web designer and in this way get a customized theme-matching 100% with your needs.

Eye-catchy and fully functional custom design can attract the attention of targeted customers and provide content in an interesting manner. Overwhelmed with the welcome gesture of a custom design and the pleasing manner of content presentation, the visitors will find the site reliable and want to do business with the website.

5. Opportunity Cost

Price matters most and sometimes it becomes determinant. The template has the cost advantage but it scores low on the scale of suitability. But it won’t be right to term custom designs expensive as the cost is determined by the design work. If you are making a serious website then you should look no further than a custom design. If brand recognition is important for you then you should get a custom-designed website.

The custom design provides more opportunities and for this reason, it is more suitable for web-based businesses. Also, there is nothing to worry about pricing as you can discuss the price for custom designing with your website designer. You will pay for the design work done on your site and not for a template. The custom design builds sites brick-by-brick but the template works like a readymade structure.


Website owners find template design cost-effective and designers see templates as an opportunity for quick designing and profit. But soon template-based sites need redesigning as those sites can’t withstand competition for a long time. Template websites can’t convert visitors into customers due to their weak design and limited functionality. On the contrary, a custom design site works like a profit-making machine.

Before you make any opinion on a custom design, you should approach an experienced web designer and discuss your needs with the designer. The discussion will be fruitful as the designer will certainly suggest an option matching your business as well as your budget after understanding your needs.

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