Powertherm Maxim – A new mobile friendly and fast loading wordpress website is launched

Powertherm Maxim is the leading provider of heavy-duty industrial reciprocating engine accessories, from the air intake and exhaust systems, including silencers and catalytic converters to industrial insulation blankets, exhaust accessories, and catalyst elements.

Picking from more than 300 themes and activating some really powerful features with CGColors, a WordPress website design, and development company is the need of the hour for all offline and online stores. The onset of newer technologies and novel viruses has led us to this. A newer age with newer dimensions is what we all are going towards.

With WordPress, one can choose from various features inspired by the best plugins and get a custom domain. The combinations of those plugins offered by CGColors have an unmatchable identity. We design and develop  to run your website like a dream. Exclusive technology gives you proven performance, reliability, and functionality.

Recently, we redesigned and redeveloped their website using WordPress. Their understanding of bringing in larger and qualitative e-traffic with the ideology of a minimalistic and simplistic yet aiming website brought invaluable results.

Our WordPress Web Designers understood their business, products, and operations. We also studied and researched in detail their customer line to make the website simplistically user-friendly.

We custom designed  for Powertherm Maxim with the idea of a brilliantly functioning yet having minimalistic and self-explanatory design aesthetics. The new site features a streamlined, modern design, improved functionality, and easy access.

Benefits of coming on board with CGColors for a WordPress website

  • Great SEO Rankings: A WordPress website works well for greater SEO rankings. One can also embed YouTube videos, Google Maps, and various other types of content.
  • Affordable and User-friendly: Developing and designing a WordPress website with us at CGColors brings you affordable ways to a user-friendly website. It is also optimum for individuals to launch and start new projects.
  • Total Simplicity: CGColors takes care of everything for you. We make your mission our mission. We are driven by the main outcome of a website that is optimally user-friendly in terms of functionality and aesthetics both.
  • Time Efficient: We host your site, register your domain, and offer various plugins including automated software updates and security.
  • Wider Audience: We help you reach a wider audience and develop newer users. Syncing your contacts to Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites brings in greater contact with the actual user.
  • Choice of selection: One can choose from hundreds of designs and we can customize them for your business site or blog.
  • Expert Support: The WordPress Experts at CGcolors will be right with you. One-to-one help is always more viable.

We specialize in designing modern, elegant, and highly user-friendly WordPress websites. Our WordPress designers and developers are highly experienced and also have great attention to detail that enables us to deliver even complex WordPress web design projects on time.

WordPress Website developing and designing facilities at CGColors

  • WordPress Plug-in/Extension/Module Development: There are tons of WordPress plugins available already both free and paid. If you think none of them is your perfect fit for your requirements, you are welcome to CgColors. We design secure and easy-to-use WordPress plugins. We put aligned strategy and efforts so that you get exactly what you need without burning a hole in your pocket. We own a dedicated team of experienced developers, who strategically create plugins that are entirely based on your requirements and integrate them into your WordPress website to augment its functionality.
  • WordPress Custom Theme Design: Our WordPress web designers are experts at designing websites that load in just a couple of seconds, rank high on Google, and have the highest level of security to keep hackers at bay. CgColors offers a comprehensive maintenance package that is going to cover all aspects of your website. Your WordPress website is the foundation of your entire digital marketing strategy.

    Our professional WordPress web design services ensure you make a great impression and nurture your customers through your sales funnel.
  • WordPress Theme Customization: WordPress themes are simply great, but they do not always fit perfectly with your business requirements. Our professional WordPress theme customization services can enhance your website features and add all the bells and whistles to make it best suited for your business. We’ll change the pictures, copy, style, and add features much more.
  • WordPress SEO Services: Our WordPress SEO experts will let you reach out to thousands of people, which will help you in expanding your business, increase your client base, and increase the sales volume of your business. Our WordPress SEO services are designed to attract relevant traffic to help you achieve your desired marketing goals.

No matter what, our WordPress experts at CGColors are always envisioned to give your users an experience that they never had. Our experts will put together a development plan, platform suggestions, and an overall project budget and timeline. WordPress is a great solution to all your problems regarding your content-based or eCommerce website.

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