Must Have WordPress Plugins for Your WooCommerce Store in 2016

WP Super Cache WordPress Plugin

This is one of a kind plugin that creates a static html file for your eCommerce Store that needs to dynamic in nature.


  • It gives the static files to users who are not logged in or those who have not left a comment on your blog post.
  • It works on three modes each of which is ranked on the basis of speed.
  • Garbage collection ensures cleaning up of outdated and obsolete cache files.
  • Offers to create a font view appearance of popular social networking websites.
  • Quick processing of the webpage even when caching process in ongoing.
Relevant Link – WP Super Cache Plugin Detail

Woocommerce Abandoned Cart Lite WordPress Plugin

A handy plugin that helps Woocommerce online stores send e-mail reminders to customers about abandoned orders.


  • Quick identification of abandoned users and order information including product details.
  • Option for customers to recover their abandoned order in single click.
  • Preset e-mail templates to be sent to customers of abandoned orders.
  • Option to embed Woocommerce coupons along with customer e-mails.
  • Accurate measuring of e-mail conversion of abandoned orders.
Relevant Link – Woocommerce Abandoned Cart Lite Plugin

Smart Coupons WordPress Plugin

A one source destination for all gift certificates, online coupons, promo codes, vouchers, store credits, etc.


  • A comprehensive set up to monitor online store credit or vouchers.
  • Manage customer messages and gift certificate issue easily.
  • Effortless sharing of coupon codes through web links that can be applied directly.
  • Automated management of credit balance and removal of zero coupons.
  • Graphical presentation of coupons with extensive design control through CSS.

Relevant Link – Smart Coupons Plugin

WordPress Design

WooCommerce MailChimp WordPress Plugin

MailChimp Plugin adds your customers to mail subscription lists automatically on getting their consent.


  • Add customers to MailChimp after order creation or completion.
  • Option to create MailChimp interest groups and mail lists.
  • Control Opt-In settings like label control, checked or unchecked opt-in checkbox, placement of opt-in checkbox in checkout page, etc.
  • Default English translations.
  • Works fine with blogs in multisite installations.

Relevant LinkWooCommerce MailChimp Plugin

WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips WordPress Plugin

A must have Woocommerce plugin in any estore design that provides the facility to incorporate a PDF invoice with every order confirmation mail sent to customers.


  • Access to a basic invoice template or packing slip in PDF format.
  • Bulk generation of PDF invoices or packing slips.
  • Fully customizable invoice templates in HTML/CSS.
  • Multi-lingual invoices in more than 20 languages.
  • Options to create PDFs of proforma invoices, credit notes, and integration with cloud storage.
Relevant Link – WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips Plugin

WooCommerce 360º Image WordPress Plugin

The essential plugin to incorporate controllable 360O images in your online store. Provide all the information possible about a product in the form a single or a group of images with this plugin.


  • Provides 360º Rotations of a product image.
  • Simple and effortless to use by any computer novice.
  • Navigation controls to get closer look at product specs or design elements.
  • Fully customizable according to online store requirements.
  • Option to make images full screen along with mobile/touch mode ability.

Relevant Link – WooCommerce 360º Image Plugin

Product CSV Import Suite WordPress Plugin

Manage and update your online store inventory with csv file. Product CSV Import Suite Plugin is an essential for any E-Commerce website with a wide range of product portfolios.

  • Import product details like price, dimensions, images, etc. in text form.
  • Import specific product details including tax rates or product specs.
  • Import or merge products based on available information.
  • Add more information to products and merge similar product types.
  • Export the altered product variations and re-import them in CSV format.

Relevant Link – Product CSV Import Suite Plugin

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