Marketing tools for Social Media, Video, Infographics & Email

     1. Click to Tweet Description: –  It is very good tool for finding news or topics on twitter easily. –  You can make separate section with your favorite topic. –  It is a free online tool.
         Content Discovery Tool

Click To Tweet Tool

Click to Tweet Icon 

     2. Tweepi  Description: – You can flush your followers which are not following you back. It’s a trend on twitter. – Check Detail about this tool in Screenshot
       Flush Unfollowers

Tweepi Flush Unfollowers

     3. Buffer  Description: – You can share or set your post on almost all social media sites at a time. – There is a facility to schedule posting time. – It is very user friendly. – It is also provide analytic also (visits)
       Share post on social media

Buffer Social Media Tool

     4. Tweetdeck Description: – It is very good tool for finding news or topics on twitter easily. – You can make separate section with your favorite topic. – It is a free online tool.
       Content Discovery Tool

Marketing By Tweetdeck


5. Topsy

 Description: – It works as same as Twitter Search but provides more filtered   search. – You can find here popular tweets – You can check here social trends, social analytics, and discover social topics by time.
       Content Discovery Tool

Topsy Twitter Search

     6. Flickr Description: – Flickr has large database of images, you can use them in your blog. – I always found catchy images from flickr.
       Image Discovery Tool

Flickr Image Search

     7. Twazzup Description: – It is also based on twitter search. – Best thing is that, it provides top retweeted links.
       Content Discovery Tool

Twazzup Search

     8. Buzzsumo Description: – You can check here social shares amount – You can find most popular sharing topics (Article or blogs) on the basis of time (like Past week, past month, past year) and you can share
       Content Discovery Tool

Buzzsumo Social Shares Count

     9. SocialMention Description: – You can search any topic on the basis of time. It shows all type data and fetch from all popular sites (reddit, blogger, wordpress etc.) and social media sites.
       Content Discovery Tool

Socialmention Page Anatomy

     10. HowSociable Description: – Check your social media presence in terms of magnitude ranking and compare your Brand with your competitor.
       Social Engagement Meter

HowSociable: Social Media Monitoring Tools

     11. WordPress Search Description: – Here you can search top WordPress blogs and get suggestions for your blog/articles.
       Content Discovery Tool

Wordpress Search

     12. Google Alert Description: – You can set your own Google alert on any topic or competitor and get future updates on that topic by email from Google.
       Content Discovery Tool

Google Alerts

     13. Export LinkedIn Email Description: – Follow the simple steps – Go to connections, then go to setting and click on Export LinkedIn Connections and get all LinkedIn data included emails.
       Email Discovery Tool

Export LinkedIn Email

     14. Email Extractor (Add Ones/Extension) Description: – You can extract emails by installing Email Extractor which is an Add One or Extension of browser. You can extract email from any web page or directory website. – It is capable to extract all emails from particular web page.
       Email Discovery Tool

Email Extractor Add Ones Mozila

     15. Minemymail Description: – You can extract mails from gmail by using this tool. Just follow steps which it suggests on site and then it will send you a zip file with all unique mail id’s detail.
       Email Marketing Tool


     16. JING Software Description: – You can create videos by using this software and market videos on YouTube and Vimeo channels. (It can only create capturing videos on system (PC, Mac))
       Video Marketing Tool

Jing Software

     17. Description: – You can easily create infographics with the help of this tool. You can also add external images, logo images and Text in any color.
       Content Discovery Tool

Easelly Infographics

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