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WordPress is one of the best CMS due to its long list of superb plugins which can help you in achieving almost anything with ease or with minimum effort. As WordPress has grown, so has the popularity of plugins. The nature of open-source development allows just about everyone to create an extension and publish it online. Free plugins hosted on have to be reviewed, tested, and approved before their addition to the site, but this rigorous standard isn’t necessarily upheld by some independent developers. Their plugins can put your site at risk. Today we are going to share A few tips to evaluate a plugin so that you can safeguard your website.

1. Verify its legitimacy – It’s pretty important to check the legitimacy of any plugin. You can check this by just visiting and see if it is available there or not. A simple search would do it but if it is a paid plugin and only available on its site (the most popular plugin has a free version in the WordPress directory) then you will have to work a bit harder and read reviews and comments.


2. Read Reviews and Comments – You can find reviews of plugins in the WordPress directory, or do a Google search to find the reviews. If any plugin has a lot of 5 or 4 stars rating along with a good number of reviews then it is surely a well-tested plugin by thousands of people and you can trust the plugin and test the plugin on the staging server. One more thing that you may want to see before downloading the plugin is to check If the plugin is developed by a popular team/individual or company, as they will back their plugin and keep making it better day by day. You can also search about the plugin on popular WordPress news sites as they review almost every popular plugin and give very useful information about that plugin. Reviews can give you the following information:

    • A. Usability – How easy is this plugin when IT comes to installation, setup or even customization to meet your business requirements?
    • B. Effectiveness – Whether this plugin resolves the problem effectively and completely or it’s just a partial solution to the problem.
    • C. Compatibility with themes or other plugins Often you can find information like whether the plugin is compatible witha specific theme or plugin or not. As there are many plugins that are really good but can create conflict with your theme or any other plugin. There are a few plugins that create the problem with servers as well. There are a few popular plugins that are disallowed by due to their conflict with the server  (check those plugins here)


    3. Not current – If any plugin has not been updated for along time, then it means that the developer has lost interest in that plugin and it may not be fully compatible with WordPress’s updated version. It’s advisable that you should not use that plugin instead look out for a better plugin. WordPress directory itself shows old and outdated plugins in the directory so be away from those sorts of plugins.


    4. Check for vulnerability – We all know how good WordPress is when it comes to security and sadly plugins play a vital role in makingany site vulnerable. If the developer doesn’t follow the WordPress standard to make it secure, then there is A possibility that hackers will go into your website through that plugin. Thankfully now there is a website where you can check if your chosen plugin has some  Vulnerabilities.


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