Some Essential Features for a Successful Mobile App

We have seen hundreds of thousands apps waiting for their turn to get the taste of success but there are only a few apps present in the market that became popular in a short period of time. Why some are being so popular and others are just biting the dust? What are the best qualities successful apps does have as compared to the unsuccessful ones? Here are few qualities of amazing apps

Stylish: Every user likes to use app which has a combination of nice colour and a cool outward appearance as it gives the user a pretty good feeling to look at the app. You should also make it least flashy because too much bright colours have a tendency of making the senses overload.

Simplicity is the best policy: Yes, it does applies to apps as well because every user has a busy life and thus would prefer an app that can be found easily, installed quickly and is simple to use so that he doesn’t have to put in a lot of effort in just understanding the app.

Make it versatile: Your app should define your company’s image. It should clearly be different from other apps available in the market otherwise the user may think you are just an “advanced version” of another app he has used in the past.

Leave an impression: Your app should be very catchy too. It should not only succeed in holding the attention of the user for a long period of time but should also be able to leave a good impression in his mind. This feature would surely motivate the users to make use of your app more often.

Fast and reliable: The app should also make the user experience more memorable by working quickly. It should never hang while a user is looking for information and should always function well. Remember your app should be so quick that the users should be able to use it even in small breaks from work.

Cheap: Well it’s the simplest thing people are looking for. The less costlier your app is, the more would be the number of people installing it. If you don’t like the idea of giving it off for free then you should try offering a demo version to get the users addicted to the app.

Appropriately targeted: Before you design an app you must decide the targeted audience so that you can decide how to impress them. For example If you are making an app for sport lovers, you must ensure that your app describes everything about the sport in a detailed manner because sports fans like to know all about their favourite players and teams.

Enjoyable: Lastly the app you are going to design should have some features that would make your users smile. Adding an unique cartoon character may do the trick as it will keep the users addicted to the app.

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We hope that these features would have given you some new ideas that would help you to attain new customers and retain the existing ones. Best of luck to all the technology freaks like us!!!

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