Dos and Don’ts of customizing your Shopify theme

Customizations range in complexity. Some of them can be applied by anyone with enough time and patience, while most of them require skilled professionals.

Customizing your Shopify theme can be intimidating if you don’t know what you’re specifically looking for. A good theme is imperative for success in the online retail industry as it establishes credibility with the customer, inspires them to make purchases, and sets the tone for a company’s brand identity. Even with a fancy new Shopify theme, your store might be lacking something. Yes, after selecting the theme for your store probably that theme needs to be customized to match 100% of the requirements that you have planned for your store. Let us go over some approaches, safeguards, and pitfalls of customizing your Shopify theme.

Do’s of customizing your Shopify theme

Keep a backup of your Shopify theme

Since page speed is an important concern having extra themes and theme duplicates in your store does not inhibit loading or contribute to issues with customer experience. It’s a common misconception that having more than one published theme can be oppressive to a store’s page load speed.  Maintaining a habit of regularly duplicating your theme before making changes would ease troubleshooting if page speed issues occur later on.

Keep a track record of the files that you have updated recently

Keeping a written record of changes made to your theme can be a hugely valuable resource when you’re backtracking your steps and trying to find the culprit behind an issue interrupting your sales.

One of the ways of keeping track is, that you can leave informative notes for yourself and your colleagues alongside the changes you make. Depending on the file type, you can add comments by framing text with certain characters so they remain visible only in the back end.

Understand the browser’s developer tools of your browser before editing or customizing the theme

Getting familiar with your browser’s developer tools is a must;
You can use the inspector tool to focus on particular elements in your Shopify theme, then use the codes to make adjustments via your CSS file.

By using an inspection tool, anyone can look into the HTML and CSS that compose a webpage.

Don’ts of customize your Shopify theme

Never hire the cheapest expert or developer for customizing your theme.

Freelance development services for Shopify merchants have become quite clichéd, but finding a reliable and skilled developer is quite tricky.

It’s important to look for evaluated, reputable developers who will provide estimates of timeframe and cost before you give them any money.

If you’re making up your mind about hiring a third-party developer to customize your Shopify theme, you may want to get in touch with your theme developer first. If you have a specific design in mind for your store and can’t find a theme to suit your needs, you may want to contact our team about building a custom theme. While there is a significant cost difference compared with purchasing a theme, in the long run, it might be what takes your business to the next level.

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