Developed a Shopify app — Lyfsize – A perfect size guide for your Shopify store

Exciting News: BigThinx’s Lyfsize – Revolutionizing Fashion Shopping on Shopify!

I’m thrilled to share a remarkable success story with all of you! As the team behind the cutting-edge Shopify application, I am incredibly proud to announce the launch and triumph of “Lyfsize” – a game-changer in fashion shopping, developed for our esteemed client, BigThinx!

The Vision Realized:

From the day we got the project, our mission was clear – to transform the way people shop for clothing. With Lyfsize, we made this vision a reality.

Precision and Simplicity Combined:

Lyfsize’s brilliance lies in its simplicity. Using just two mobile photos, the Shopify app performs a 3D body scan, providing precise full-body measurements instantly. No more guesswork, no more returns due to ill-fitting clothes – customers can now shop with confidence.

Powering the Future of Fashion:

Behind Lyfsize’s success stands a talented team who worked relentlessly to build a seamless Shopify platform. With the use of technologies like Selenium, CodeIgniter, GraphQL, and MongoDB, we created an app that sets new standards in the industry.

Beyond Boundaries:

Lyfsize goes beyond a single website; it offers an unparalleled shopping experience across various Shopify-powered platforms. With this app, BigThinx has opened the door to personalized fashion solutions for customers worldwide.

Gratitude and Collaboration:

A special thank you to our client, BigThinx, for trusting us with this groundbreaking Shopify project. Our collaboration has been instrumental in making Lyfsize a reality.

To our amazing team at CGColors, your dedication and brilliance have brought this vision to life. Your passion for innovation and commitment to excellence have been the driving force behind our success.

Join us as we continue to drive innovation and shape the future of technology on Shopify. Together, we will revolutionize the way people experience digital solutions, creating a more inclusive and delightful experience for all.

Explore Lyfsize on Shopify: Lyfsize Shopify App

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