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In the world of e-commerce, Shopify has established itself as a leading platform for businesses of all sizes. While Shopify has long been known for its robust B2C (business-to-consumer) features, its B2B (business-to-business) capabilities have been rapidly expanding, catering to the needs of wholesale and enterprise customers. Shopify B2b comprises a set of functionalities that empower you to engage in B2B transactions directly within your online store, eliminating the need for external applications or alternative solutions. In this blog post, we’ll explore ten awesome features of Shopify B2B that make it a perfect choice for B2B companies to get their store migrated over to Shopify. Our Shopify plus experts¬† would love to chat with you and walk you through the capabilities of Shopify B2B ¬†

Combined and Exclusive Store Options

Shopify B2B offers the flexibility of combined and dedicated stores. Combined stores allow businesses to serve both B2B and B2C customers from a single platform, simplifying inventory management and reducing complexity. This flexibility enables you to cater to different audiences without the hassle of managing multiple storefronts. On the other hand, a dedicated store is exclusively designed to serve your business customers. This focused approach ensures a seamless and tailored experience for your B2B clients.

Business Entities

With Shopify B2B, you can connect multiple buyers and locations within a single company profile. This centralized approach simplifies the management of B2B relationships and enables you to offer consistent pricing and terms across different branches or divisions of the same organization. By organizing your customers into companies, you can streamline the ordering process and provide a personalized experience for each business you serve. Company accounts offer centralized control over purchasing, permissions, and access levels, making it easier to manage large-scale B2B transactions.

Customized Product Catalogs

Creating customer-specific catalogs is a breeze with Shopify B2B. With Shopify B2B, companies can create customized catalogs for their B2B customers. These catalogs can be tailored to display specific products, pricing tiers, and availability based on customer segments, ensuring a personalized and targeted shopping experience. By presenting targeted catalogs, you can enhance engagement and increase conversions for your business buyers. Catalogs can also be password-protected to restrict access to authorized B2B customers only.

Flexible Terms of Payment

In the world of B2B sales, payment terms can vary greatly from customer to customer. Shopify B2B understands this, and it empowers you to set customer-specific payment terms such as net 30, net 60, or pay-on-delivery, providing the necessary flexibility for B2B customers. This feature helps foster stronger relationships with clients and encourages repeat purchases.

Business-to-Business Checkout

Shopify B2B offers a streamlined checkout process designed specifically for B2B transactions. It allows businesses to set up requisition lists, request quotes, and manage bulk ordering, simplifying the purchasing process for wholesale customers. B2B checkout also supports the inclusion of a purchase order (PO) number, enabling your customers to provide the necessary references or internal tracking information for their orders. This feature simplifies the order management process for both you and your B2B customers. B2B checkout can also integrate with existing ERP systems for seamless order fulfillment and inventory management.

B2B Tailored Customer Profiles

Customer account management is essential for B2B operations, and Shopify B2B provides robust features in this area. B2B customer accounts enable businesses to offer personalized pricing, track order history, manage credit limits, and provide customer-specific catalogs. This level of customization enhances the B2B customer experience and fosters long-term relationships.

Order Reference Number

Shopify B2B allows businesses to capture and track purchase order numbers, which are often critical for B2B transactions. This feature allows your customers to easily reference and track their orders within their internal systems. By providing this feature, Shopify facilitates smoother order processing, improves record-keeping, and simplifies the reconciliation process for both the buyer and the seller.

Pricing and Discount Rules:

Shopify B2B empowers businesses to set up complex pricing and discount rules for their B2B customers. Whether it’s volume-based pricing, tiered discounts, or customer-specific pricing, this feature ensures that each B2B customer receives personalized pricing based on their purchasing behavior and loyalty.

Customized Shipping and Fulfillment:

Efficient shipping and fulfillment are vital for B2B operations, and Shopify B2B offers flexible options to meet these needs. Companies can integrate with multiple shipping carriers, offer personalized shipping rates, and manage complex order fulfillment processes, including dropshipping and backordering.

Analytics and Reporting:

To make informed business decisions, it’s crucial to have access to data-driven insights. Shopify B2B provides powerful analytics and reporting tools to track B2B sales, customer behavior, and overall performance. These insights enable businesses to optimize their B2B strategies, identify growth opportunities, and enhance customer satisfaction.

The following are some of the B2B features available exclusively to stores on the Shopify Plus plan:

Wholesale Pricing:

Shopify Plus allows you to set up a separate wholesale channel with custom pricing for your B2B customers. This feature enables you to offer discounted pricing tiers based on customer groups or order quantities.

Custom Pricing and Discounts:

You can create personalized pricing agreements with individual B2B customers, providing them with unique discounts or negotiated rates.

Purchase Order (PO) Management:

Shopify Plus offers advanced PO management capabilities, allowing B2B customers to place orders using purchase orders. You can track and manage POs, send invoices, and process payments accordingly.

Multiple Sales Channels:

With Shopify Plus, you can manage multiple sales channels, including B2B and B2C storefronts, wholesale channels, and even custom-branded microsites for specific clients or partner businesses.

Advanced Reporting and Analytics:

Shopify Plus provides robust reporting and analytics tools to help you track and analyze B2B sales performance, customer behavior, and other relevant metrics. This enables you to make data-driven decisions and optimize your B2B operations.

Customizable Checkout:

You can tailor the checkout process to meet the specific needs of B2B customers. This includes options such as invoice billing, bulk order forms, tax exemptions, and account creation for streamlined future purchases.

Account Management:

Shopify Plus allows you to create and manage customer accounts with personalized features such as saved addresses, order history, and reordering capabilities. This simplifies the purchasing experience for B2B customers.


Shopify B2B has transformed the way businesses engage with their wholesale and enterprise customers. Its comprehensive set of features makes it an ideal platform for seamless B2B transactions. By utilizing these powerful features, businesses can streamline their operations, strengthen customer relationships, and drive growth in the competitive B2B landscape.

So why wait? Dive into the world of Shopify B2B and unlock new possibilities for your business today!

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