Apple iOS News app is open to all: How this will help Publishers/Content marketers? (

Apple’s News App may be the old-told big news, however with its recent announcement; it has made a notable distinction. As reported on March 15, 2016, Apple has finally invited all publishers to access and create content for its News App. From the time of its launch last September, the rights to publish in Apple’s News App were only given to their 100 eminent media partners including CNN, The New York Times, Bloomberg, ESPN, the Atlantic, etc. Discernibly, the motive behind this mass publishing has been identified due to a significant lack of reader engagement and data share from its earlier 40 million subscribed Apple’s News readers. It’s to be seen how it goes with apple fans but this move will surely help small and medium publishers and has surely opened a new venue to publish their stories/blogs. It is expected for the company to launch a few new editing tools for its  iOS mobile app

and hopefully entice more editors and writers to be a part of this initiative. Using this portal, any publishers can build, edit and deliver their news stories which will be obtainable on iPhones and iPad.  Although the publisher can either be a freelancer, a newspaper portal, or a magazine company, however, they will be duly approved by Apple Here’s a view on how this news app can leverage the engagement of new publishers with some of its conspicuous approaches:

  1. Convenient News Format: Apple’s News app gives publishers an amazing platform to post their blogs, news, magazines, and much more. On top of that their platform is highly sophisticated, where publishers can customize texts, photos, videos, audios, animations, and other content easily. For customers who don’t prefer Apple’s News format, they can also use RSS Feeds.
  1. Fast Publishing: With a website’s slow loading time, mobile readers often lose interest and choose to opt-out of reading, this has been a major issue with many small and medium-sized publishers who cannot afford mobile app development services to get developed a mobile application to promote their content. Tackling this, Apple has sorted the issue by assuring the articles to be posted on their site instead of their publisher’s.
  1. Accurate Reader Metrics: Massive Reader engagement is pivotal for News App’s success. Apple finds a new solution to detect the right web traffic figures by integrating the app with ComScore. This will help publishers in a great way to plan their content strategy and make the best use of accurate reader metrics.
  1. Productive Advertising: Apple promises to ensure a wide base of readers with productive advertising campaigns. Publishers can also involve ads in their articles with the advertising platform of Apple called iAd.
  1. Analytics Dashboard: Apple will provide an efficient data viewing process by which publishers will be able to view important information on the number of viewers of the content and the time spent reading the article. Depending on the frequency of article sharing, Publishers will receive an idea of the popularity and demand of their content. To achieve a raving response, they can consequently analyze their content and optimize it accordingly before publishing. This will help publishers a lot as this analytics information will guide them in the right
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