Advance Way to Link Building without any spamming

What is a back link or Link Building?

  • Building links on other sites is called link building.
  • Link Building is the most powerful ranking factor.
  • Local listing is one of the most powerful link-building techniques. Check a few backlink building techniques described below using an image

Link Building Techniques

Note: All techniques are very common and very less helpful, check site quality before link posting.

Responsibilities of nofollow and dofollow links

  • Nofollow links are not responsible for ranking directly but they can increase your referral traffic.
  • Nofollow Links are indirectly responsible for SEO ranking if you have those links from popular sites or social media sites. We don’t have any proof to support this statement yet but, in my research,I found it indirectly has some impact on ranking.
  • Dofollow links are responsible for ranking and provide link juice to your site which is used by Google for the ranking process. (Check image for link juice distribution in the canonical page, noindex page, nofollow, and robots.txt)

Link Juice Distribution

Maintain NoFollow and Dofollow Links ratio

  • If you are trying to get only do-follow links for your website, it might seem fishy to Google and it may consider it spamming. There should be the right balance of nofollow and dofollow links.
  • Links should be natural or created by humans, not by any software.
  • Make links on relevant or niche sites.
  • A lot of spamming Nofollow links can penalize your site Check proof here, given by John Mueller – Google: No Nofollow Linking Penalty

Build Links on Top Level domain and country domain

  • Make links on top level domain (.com, .org, .edu, .info, .net) and your country domain (.au, .us, .za, .in) Example – If your target location is the USA than create links on top level domain and only on .us country domain, don’t start building backlinks from .fr, .in, za etc
  • .gov and .edu domain-based link building is the best option. Google gives more priority to .gov and .edu websites in organic ranking.

Make links on Quality sites (Popular sites)

  • From wherever you are trying to get a backlink, please make sure that the website should have high quality. Creating backlinks of low quality may hamper your ranking.
  • You can check the site quality score using SEOMOZ Tool (Open Site Explorer). DA (domain authority) should be more than 35.

Avoid Regular link building sites

  • Backlinksks on those sites which are only made for link building are not helpful in ranking; if these sites are popular, then it is ok. Example: Reddit, delicious, Diigo, Tumblr, etc are regular but popular link creation sites and helpful in ranking.

Make links on Keywords (using variation or Synonymous)

  • Some people may not agree with me that creating a backlink using a targeted is a good approach but it is. You can use target keywords while creating backlinks.
  • Don’t make more than 2-3 links for a single keyword because Google knows this trick and Google thinks that you are forced to rank a specific If you, do it then Google can penalize your site. Use variations of main keywords to get a better ranking.
  • Suppose “Web design New York” is your main keyword and it has huge competition and demand, so don’t make links for this keyword because it’s damn hard to rank your site in the top 10 results with only 2-3 links, instead make backlinks on its variation keywords. You can use synonymous of the main keyword and create a backlink using that.

Keyword Research - Choosing Keywords

Backlinks with brand name

  • Creating links on quality and niche sites using brand names is a good idea because links with a brand name are not considered spam and also increase Google trust. Example – CGColors – Web Design Agency New York
Bonus Note:
  • Don’t focus on creating links instead work on building relationships. Google also said (John Mueller) in a forum that Avoids Link…
    We do use links as part of our algorithm but we use lots and lots of other factors as well. So only focusing on links is probably going to cause more problems for your website than helps.
    Relevant Link – John Mueller: I’d Avoid Link Building
  • Content Marketing (in-depth Blogging) can help you to get natural backlinks.
  • Paid links and backlinks on adult sites both are spamming techniques, Google can penalize your site.
  • If your website is  already panelized by Google due to spamming backlinks then you can fix this problem. (1). Making more quality backlinks (2). Removing bad links through Webmaster tool disavow – (it may take3 to 9 months+) Relevant Link  – Disavow backlinks
  • Don’t make links on spamming sites and panelized sites. You can check the spamming score of any site by Moz Tool

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