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Building a jewelry eCommerce store has become easy due to different amazing shopping carts like Shopify, BigCommerce, Volusion, WooCommerce and so many others but making it successful has become more difficult than ever.

We analyzed over 300 e-commerce stores to understand what they are doing wrong and hurting their business and we were surprised to see that they are doing small things wrong and hurting their business a lot. Here are a few things we found most of the stores doing wrong.

1. Make popular categories more accessible

This one is a major culprit; you would say that who doesn’t know their products category but don’t be so fast. Many of the stores have a “Shop” tab in their menu bar so users will have to click on Shop to go to different categories but if they spread out their most popular categories in the menu bar people would have easy access to that category and most likely click on them. This way you are removing one unnecessary click as well.

2. Improve the checkout process

Thanks to Shopify and BigCommerce checkout process have improved greatly for many e-commerce stores but by and large checkout process

hurting the most. Checkout forms should be kept as easy as they can be with clear instructions about how to apply the coupon code or the best way to apply to automatically show the user what coupons they are eligible to use for this order. 

PEOPLE LOVE COUPON CODES and automatically showing them the coupon code would make their life easy. There are a few other important things you can do

  • Add security seals to your site so users know your site is secure
  • Don’t forward users to the PayPal site to make the payment get the PayPal pro to take the order on your site.
  • It’s a good idea to write down a bit about the return policy on the product page so people know how they can return your product if they don’t like it.

Abandoned cart recovery
Get this done on your site. It’s very important to know who left the products in the cart and didn’t complete the order. If you can find out that person’s email or phone you can always email them, they haven’t completed your order, please complete the order and have a 5% discount on the cart total. This 5% discount will motivate them for completing the order.

3. Google AdWords Remarketing

Different studies have shown that people 98% of people don’t buy any product on their first visit so it’s important to remain in front of your prospect as many times as you can. There are many ways of doing it and one of them is Google AdWords Remarketing. Create a Google Adwords Retargeting campaign and then the people who visited any product on your site will see that product on every site which is using Google AdSense (where people place Google ads on their website). Eventually, your product will follow the user wherever they go and our research has shown that Google AdWords remarketing usually increase the conversion by 30%.

4. Upsell the products smartly

You can motivate users to buy more products by using recommend products or using up-selling techniques. People who bought X product also bought Y is a good example of up-selling or buy 2 and get 1 free, buy X product and Free shipping. There are tons of ways you can upsell the product.

5. Exit-Intent Popup

You can catch users’ attention by using exit-intent pop-ups. They only trigger when the user is about to close your website window. In the exit-intent popup, you can give them a reason to stay on your site and that can be a Discount Coupon, Free Product, or anything which can keep them glued to your site.

6. SEO with PPC

Gone are the days when you launch a jewelry e-commerce store and do the SEO for a few months and you have a good number of orders. SEO has become more and more difficult and even a no-1 ranking for many keywords wouldn’t help you much because Google is pushing the ads too much, way more than it was earlier in 2014. You will have to be smart and promote your site with a mix of SEO and PPC. PPC will serve your short-term goal and bring quick customers and in the long run, SEO will build your brand and drive customers to your site.

7. Elegant product images

It is very important on the Jewelry website that you have high-quality images with every angle possible and if you have got a good budget, please get a 360-degreephotograph of your product. It always helps if you can get your product photographed with a model as your user might want to see how it will look if some one wears that product. A product video can help in a big way.

8. Fast Website

You have a great-looking website with high-quality product images but if it’s taking forever to load then your website will be of no good use to your customers. I cannot emphasize more the website speed, if your website doesn’t open in a few seconds you are going to lose more than 60% of your customers. People leave the site if it doesn’t open in 3 seconds, the lesser the better. Use high-quality images but keep their size optimized. You can use CDN to fasten the speed of your website. NOTE – It’s important to host your website on a Google server like Amazon, Rackspace, or Google server. Godaddy’s shared server wouldn’t help your site instead it will slow down your site.

9. Free Shipping

We all hate paying for the shipping and it happens with your customer as well. Giving free shipping to your customer can help your jewelry store in a big way.

10. Express Product Delivery

Express product delivery can also be very helpful as there are many buyers out there who need beautiful jewelry for their partners as quickly as possible so express delivery is the way to attract those customers. Integrate your website with UPS or USPS for same-day delivery and advertise that on your website they can deliver on the same day. This will attract customers who need the product asap.

I hope the above tips will help your jewelry store greatly and if you have any questions or need any help with your jewelry store, please contact us.

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