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  • Image Optimization means better Google ranking and better page speed.
  • Google loves to crawl images for image search
  • Google can’t read text on your image
  • Images take much time to load and a lot of images can increase your website loading time or bounce rate so avoid images as possible.
  • loading time or bounce rate so avoid image as possible.

Optimization Techniques

1. Image Size

  • Image size should be small as possible.

2. Image Color Resolution

  • Image high resolution should be less than possible because high resolution means huge pixels and huge pixels mean large size. You can use an image optimization tool. It can also help to reduce page loading time.
Image optimizer tools – optimizilla and kraken

3. Image Name

  • Write image name in a proper way (Check example in image)

4. Alt Tag

  • Write relevant alt tags for the image. (Check example in image)

Example Image Optimization

(Note: Don’t write alt tag for decorated images and irrelevant images.)

5. Image Dimension

  • Fix your image dimension because it can improve your website speed. Fix your width and height as you need.

Image Dimension

6. Image File Format

  • Use always JPEG, PNG and GIF format or extension because Google support these formats and they are also helpful to reduce image size. Expert says JPEG is best.
  1. GIF Format – Best for animation image
  2. PNG Format – Best for high-resolution image
  3. JPEG Format – Good for both animation and high-resolution image

7. Image Sitemap

  • If you are using JavaScript, CSS, pop-ups or other ways to show images on a web page then Google image site maps will help you get your images noticed by Google.
Relevant LinkGoogle Support – Image Sitemap

8. Decorative Image

  • Don’t use alt tags for decorative images because they are not relevant and are only used for appeal. Use CSS styling as much as possible to replace any decorative images.

9. Responsive

  • Responsive web design can improve your website ranking so make a website for mobile-first, improve readability for mobile websites and reduce your images, especially decorative images.
Example: 5 Images on the Desktop website but take 2-3 images on the Mobile website (remove 2-3 unnecessary or decorative or icon images for the mobile site)

10. Base64 image

  • Use base64 encode for logo image or the first image to get better website speed. It converts the simple image into binary code.

Relevant Linkbase64 Tool

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